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    Hello guys,

    My game Yuri is now finished, after 3 years of hard works! it will be available soon for iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Mac.
    The AppleTV beta is open, if you want to test the game send me your email.

    Yuri is a naturalistic platform game with fast and accurate gameplay.

    Jump from creeper to creeper, cross rivers on the backs of frogs, discover secret passages and await strange visions, explore the centre of the earth and its hidden lakes, populated with prehistoric fish...
    10 long levels make up this adventure full of encounters and perilous obstacles.

    Drawn by hand with delicate lines rich in details and accompanied by music and sound effects composed especially for the game, Yuri offers the gamer a unique immersive and poetic experience.

    Designed by the Potier brothers who wanted to create an ambitious and personal arthouse video game, Yuri also pays homage to the platform game classics and adventure comics.

    The trailer video is still work in progress, I'm on it!

    Hope you will enjoy :)

    Aurelien Potier - Fingerlab /
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    Jan 19, 2016
    Wow! What a great game!
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    Looks awesome [emoji122] – I'll throw a few bucks your way as soon as I find some spare time

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