Yum-Yum Recipes. 1000+ Recipes with Step-by-Step Photos

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    Yum-Yum Recipes

    1000+ Recipes with Step-by-Step Photos


    I would like to introduce our new iOS app: Yum-Yum Recipes.

    Yum-Yum Recipes app offers over 1,000 recipes with pics of each step. No other cooking app can boast of so many quality recipes with professional step-by-step photos.
    You can find here a recipe for any occasion, be it breakfasts for every day or fancy dinner meals.
    Apart from detailed recipes, Yum-Yum Recipes offers lots of handy features for easier cooking of delicious dishes.

    Key features of our app:

    * More than 1000 recipes with step-by-step photos (Nowhere else you'll find so many step-by-step recipes!);
    * Nutrition facts for all recipes;
    * All step-by-step recipe photos are of a good quality;
    * Dishes for any occasion and taste: for holiday and every day, for pizza and sushi fans, for old and young and plenty of other recipes!
    * Easy search of recipes;
    * Possibility to group recipes in your own collections (find this feature in "Favorites")
    * Recipe comments are from real users;
    * We keep developing our app and add new recipes regularly!

    App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.

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