Yum Num's Galaxy

Collect real ingredients and make recipes with your kids... in spaaaace.

*** In the future, all healthy food ha…
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Collect real ingredients and make recipes with your kids... in spaaaace.

*** In the future, all healthy food has been blasted into space. ***
*** Only fast food remains. ***
*** One brave kitty searches for tasty recipes that can save the galaxy! ***

Collect nutritious ingredients from savory solar systems and prepare them by the power of cooking. When alien customers cry out for tasty vittles, only YOU and Captain Yum Num are adventurous enough to satisfy their hunger!


* Designed to be eminently tappable and chock-full of food-related vocabulary for kids
* A positive, fun adventure with actual food and ingredients, not fast food or brand advertising
* Continuous-loop gameplay with several logical steps - take orders, list ingredients, collect, cook, serve, and then get a medal
* Eleven recipes to play with that change every game, with the ability to choose what comes next in the Recipe Computer
* A cat with personality - listen to Captain Yum Num's voiceovers throughout the game!



Yum Num's Galaxy is a kids' iPad game that puts healthy ingredients in the spotlight. Not only do kids get to fly a snazzy red spaceship with a tractor beam, but you can also look up real, family-friendly recipes for all the food made in the game. Your kids will help Captain Yum Num, our intrepid hero, collect ingredients and make recipes for a planet full of aliens. If the aliens want a delicious pasta dish, Captain Yum Num goes out to collect tomatoes, noodles, and meatballs, putting them all together in the spaceship kitchen to mix it in the kinetic cooker, and finally serve the aliens platefuls of delicious, family-friendly fare.


We wanted an alternative to the fast-food messaging kids are bombarded with every day. We believe there is value in providing fun gameplay, art, and voiceovers built around ordinary, classic family recipes and ingredients.


"Yum Num's Galaxy by @getluky is my son's favorite game. He's a little over 2 years and he loves making recipes!"
- twitter.com/pfibiger
Genre:Family, Kids
Release:Jul 19, 2012
Updated:Aug 09, 2012
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