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    Your bill most of the bleach that led to store say in a biceps triceps obviously there's exercises hard for Avery good reason he's a lot of muscle groups all the same time just keep them ocean-going nice in the control cables long's open trying to really Superior Muscle X breed as naturally as you can almost done so few more repetitions Togo your last one right here and lateral acts very good artist go back sat static bridge in the school crusher grab both those dumbbells bring us hips up nice and high transshipment chocolate shoulders and only from that elbow grease dumbbell down next year's impress right back at her ticket upper arm perfectly stationary perpendicular to the ground now though this exercise doesn't seem like as big of a motion as a last which says we're doing there's still a lot of stuff going on here she had her hamstrings are contracted your cabs are going to contracted.
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