Universal You wanna Peece of this? the 'Peece Maker'!!

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Hello everyone :)

    We're indie game developing group Leinus.

    It is always exciting to introduce our new game here.


    "Peece Maker" has quick, and rhythmical game play that anyone can be addicted to.

    You'll become the toilet master who can decide everyone's fate.

    There are only 3 buttons, all you have to do is to press them correctly as fast as you can.

    Men to the left, Women to the right.

    And every others~ to the bottom.


    Simple repetitive rule might sound obvious, but you'll find way more than that.

    Time managing system will keep you tensioned, and control the game tempo.

    Funny different endings for many situations, so why don't you find'em out?


    "Peece Maker" is currently on the review,

    please ask us any question you have, and give us a cheer.

    It won't be to long before the "Peece Maker" become your peace maker.

    Thanks :)

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