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    Hi guys, here is our game “Yo! Ninjia”. Finally, we released the game today.
    (The iOS version is still waiting for review).

    The game supports English, Japanese and Chinese.

    GOOGLE PLAY links: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.meidiegame.ninjarush.googleplay

    Here is the promotion video:

    Run, jump and shoot. This is a new type of action game with unique and impressive game experiences you have ever met.

    —————Game Highlights—————
    Fast rhythm. Dead or alive, just depend on your skill and lucky.

    Shoot at will. Destroy every enemy come against you! Let them know that you are the master of the game!

    Well designed traps. Think and act as a real ninjia. Learn to live, and touch the future!

    Unique costume system. You can change the character’s outfit by equipping different costume parts. And you can share them through social networks. Let everyone knows how different you are.

    Lots of abilities and challenges. This is a game you will pay hundreds of hours.

    —————Follow and Like us—————
    Follow our Twitter: DailyMarvel2014, and like us on the Facebook “Marvel Daily”. You will get the latest news through them.

    Further more, welcome to gives us advices and ideas of the game. If we take them, you will see your name on the special thanks of staffs.

    If you’d like your own character running in the game, just send us the concept arts. You will also see your name on the special thanks.

    If you like our game, please follow us on facebook or twitter. The facebook id is Marvel Daily. And the twitter id is DailyMarvel2014.

    GOOGLE PLAY links: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.meidiegame.ninjarush.googleplay

    And here are the concept arts:

    One of my favorites is Doge. Check the video above, you can see it.

    Last Tom. If you watched the movie “Last Samurai”, you would get the point.

    Crab Kappa. We can always find them in Japanese animations.

    Racoon, which can change to anything with a piece of leaf. Of course, the idea comes from “Super Mario” games.

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