Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians

Life was happy and peaceful for the Lifelings of Yam Yam forest… Then one night the Darklings showed up. Fear spread and…
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Life was happy and peaceful for the Lifelings of Yam Yam forest… Then one night the Darklings showed up. Fear spread and life got all messed up. Help the Lifelings to get home before nightfall. If you don’t… the Darklings will take them away!

"Unique take on the physics flick genre where you are running while shooting. I really like trying to go as fast as possible and getting master shots. Also cool to change up the music in the menu. I like it and I'm sure kids would love it!" 5/5 - Floydianspiral (Player Review)

"Not so complex that I feel I need a controller for my phone, but not so shallow that I feel like I figured it out in two minutes. This is exactly why I mobile game! Plus, the graphics are vibrant, silly, and an absolute hoot! " 5/5 - Svt1977 (Player Review)

"Really unique gameplay! Lots of levels that get you really hooked! This is a fresh game that was surely missing on the app store!" 5/5 The Mighty Penguin (Player Review)

"I had bought this game to check it out for my little cousins but it turned out I played it more than anyone. Other reviewers have compared this to Angry Birds but this is so much more endearing. The game play is good, the characters fun and I love it when they tell me I've done a good job. This is seriously fun for everyone and the best game I have downloaded for a while. Makes me smile and keeps my attention - I hope my boss doesn't notice how often I am away from my desk playing this!!!!" 5/5 - AJLawless (Player Review)

Within the vibrant world of Yam Yam Forest players will use intuitive touch controls to flick different fruit at white flowers. When matched to the correct colour fruit the flowers will grow and fill the gap in the path. This allows the adorable Lifeling characters to cross over and reach home. If left stranded night comes and they will be taken away by the deplorable Darklings!

The twist with Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians is that your characters are always moving. The trajectories that you need in order to hit the targets are constantly changing. Combined with the colour mechanic, this makes for a very engaging and original game experience.

*New and original gameplay style.
*An original game world and characters.
*Easy to pick up and play. Hard to master.
*Plenty of repeat play value.
*A Master Shot on every level - can you get them all?
*Use speed-up mode for bonus points!
*Power-up with rainbow berries!
*Game Center Achievements.
*Game Center Leaderboard.

Notice to parents:

This game has in-app purchases. However, if you are buying Yam Yam for a child and don't want them buying in-game items you can disable this feature via the parent controls page. Also the purchases are limited so nobody can spend too much.

Notice to everyone:

If you enjoy playing Yam Yam but feel it could be even better with a certain feature, feel free to leave feedback as part of your review. I can't promise to include every suggestion but I'll do my best!

Shaz from Honey Tribe Studios
Genre:Adventure, Kids, Puzzle
Release:May 09, 2013
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