Universal XMatch - challengeable puzzle. Try web ver with your phone (Can you score 100+?)

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    Hi Arcaders,

    I won’t waste time to say how X-MATCH is. Just try the WebVersion
    Or scan QRCode to play on your phone now:

    Can you score 100+? If you think it’s mission impossible, check my show of 120+ (played with x2 speed):

    iOS version: Release around Jan.30 with MORE GAME MODES
    Android version: In beta test.
    Price: FREE

    Basic rules:(Or jump to figure tutorial directly if you hate words)
    1. In the beginning, a few tiles with numbers are randomly distributed on the board.
    2. In each move, click an empty grid between same tiles to merge them into a new tile with the sum, and then another two random tiles are generated.
    3. If the sum >= 10, they are merged into an "X". You can also click to merge "X"s - It's called "X-Match", which won't generate the sum-up tiles or new random tiles.
    4. If the board has no empty grid or no possible move, game over.
    Making "X-Match" is the only way to score. The target of this game is to score as much as possible before game over. It requires your observation, patient and strategy.
    It's a mission challenging for new players. Many testers have already made their "score-100" milestone and found it extremely addictive. This VIDEO is an example.



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