X2 scaling games for the iPad!

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by AntAstrophY, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. AntAstrophY

    AntAstrophY New Member

    Aug 26, 2010
    I want to buy crimson gem saga to play on my iPad but I wanna know how well the graphics scale.
    Anyone know?
    Also I'm interested to know if anyone downloads iPhone/touch games for iPad play regularly and what the results are?
    Cheers ^^
  2. Qordobo

    Qordobo Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2010
    I haven't play CGS so I can't say for this one.

    In general:
    • Graphics: Most iphone games doubled on iPad look surprisingly good but none are like crystal clear. Games with a zoom in/out system tend look better because you can totally zoom out. But also most HD version look more crystal clear on iPad, I have seen only very few exceptions.
    • Frames per second: Some iphone game have noticeable better fps doubled on iPad than their HD version. Plenty Gameloft HD shooter have this problem but not all. I also noticed few other non Gameloft games that have this problem.
    • Only few iPhone games manage the Scale standard button and then it sticks at worst place (bad Apple design) ie bottom right. For some games with a sticky control in bottom right this can destroy its gameplay on iPad. For many it's a more or less minor trouble.
    • Some iPhone games with an intensive use of swiping commands can translate not well when doubled on iPad. The sizes doubled on iPad tend make more easy precise gestures. But when swipe need be long or fast then it means on iPad two times the speed and the swipe length. And this can destroy some gameplay.

    In general I tend skip iphone versions on my iPad. I also stopped believe developers that guaranty there will be a HD version though universal. But I bought some sales of iphone games when at very low price, I pick many free iphone games, and I make sometime an exception despite it's an iphone game and there's no sale.

    Last example was the RPG Rimelands: Hammer of Thor. Not a classic but not bad, it succeed grab me during 2h30 at my first play session despite I had to sleep instead. It's a good example how good can be graphics doubled on iPad even when it's not fully perfect.
  3. gekkota

    gekkota Well-Known Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    I have a lot of iPhone games on my iPad--games that I purchased for my 'ole first gen Touch before I got my iPad. A lot of them don't look bad at all. The games that look the worst are text-based games like Textropolis or Bookworm because the letters are not crisp at all. Games like Spider:The Secret of Bryce Manor look nice enough that I didn't even feel the need to get the HD version. But keep in mind that what looks nice to me might not be good enough for some other people...

    I will still occasionally buy an iPhone game if it's on sale or not available for the iPad, and I haven't been disappointed.
  4. tecwrtr

    tecwrtr Well-Known Member

    Aug 18, 2010
    Senior Technical Writer
    Richmond, VA
    I don't keep many iPhone games on my iPad because they just don't look that good. The few that I do have and like on my iPad are:

    Sword & Poker
    Sword & Poker 2
    Call of Atlantis
    The Creeps (the non-HD version - it has more levels)
    Montezuma 2
    Sudoku (by EA)
    Doodle Jump

    I would love to know what games others find that scale well!
  5. colorsound

    colorsound Well-Known Member

    May 15, 2009
    Video Game Developer / Photographer / Graphic Arti
    Detroit, MI
    I got my Ipad in April and stopped buying iPhone games in April.

    There will be few exceptions, especially if the developer has HD games out there already.
    Devs that have fifty iPhone games and nothing universal or iPad native, I tend to avoid, as I don't see them making a change anytime soon.

    There are a few games on my iPad that are iPhone games, but if they get iPad native releases, they will be replaced right away, like:

    Touch racing nitro
    Aqua moto 2 (HD "promised")
    Knights rush
    Monster dash
    Helsings fire
    Durak (HD on the way)

    I have about 2300 games and 500 are iPad native

    When I get the new iPad this/next week, I have no idea what's going to happen though
  6. webshark3

    webshark3 Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2010
    I've found that "cartoony" games with large, less detailed graphics scale very well (Hey, a big yellow square scales up to.... a big yellow square!).

    Something like the Simpsons Arcade game and FASTAR! are good examples of this. Old 8bit graphic games like Simon the Sorcerer or the first Monkey Island work well too at 2x.

    Games that have a lot of text intended for the iPhone look horrible scaled up.

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