iPad X-Plane 9.02 coming soon!

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  1. On the dev's dedicated iPhone X-Plane site here , he lists the following improvements-

    "More airports!
    There are 3 of them now, and the little RMI at the bottom of the HUD points to the closest one.

    Map! It's in the location screen now.
    Drag it around... with BOTH fingers!
    Pull your fingers apart and push them together! Swizzle them around! Watch what the map does!
    WHY control the map this way? BECAUSE IT'S FUN!

    The planes now have much nicer-looking propellers.

    Lateral accelerometer calibration as well as vertical! It's in the SET menu.
    Why? Because some guy emailed me a video of his iPhone sitting on a carpenter's level, with the cirrus-jet slowly banking to the right!
    I had to admit a lateral accelerometer calibration was needed!

    Some little scenery and frame-rate improvements! Kind of nice!"

    I am REALLY looking forward to this, especially now there will be different places to land and a map! I love X-Plane on my Touch- what I like to do is set a random flight so it puts me anywhere on the map in any weather condition at any time of day, so I have to find the runway and land in various conditions.

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    well that's cool they're adding more to this app.
    I bought it recently, but have barely used it.
    maybe it's just because I'm new to flight sims and don't really understand it all yet.

    hopefully this update will re-vamp my interest in this app. I really want to like it. It's just kind of daunting to turn this thing on and find no instructions. sure if I fiddle around long enough I can get off the ground, but a few simple pointers would be nice.
  3. You're in luck BattleBorn. Click the link I gave in the first post, and the dev himself gives detailed instructions further down the page. If you want the quick version here it is-
    1) take off. take flaps (on the right) down a third the way down. increase throttle (on the left) to full. release brake. Keep straight on the runway and when going fast enough, pull up. When in the air, press the Gear button to retract your landing gear and move flaps back up to the top position.
    2) fly around a bit if you like.
    3) landing. line up straight and use the circle with the line either side on your HUD as a guide (keep it on the approaching runway). drop flaps and throttle bit by bit as you approach. lower landing gear. when getting close to the runway, your flaps should be fully down by this point which will keep your nose up (so your back wheels touch the runway first) and help reduce speed. Then drop your throttle all the way to the bottom when you are over the runway and you should just plop onto it. stick your brakes on.

    I am no expert on flight sims, but this is how I play, and seem to do rather well.

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    thanks for the help man! I'll try out my new flight expertise tonight! lol
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    what happens if your not aligned, do you crash? or just bounce off the ground like in some flight sims, which aren't sims at all -haha

    what would be amazing, and give it a real sim and also game angle would be to have a severe storm, like lightning and all that, which gives you a lil turbulence...and you have to land safetly

    or like, an engine goes out, and you can feel the resistance, tug on the plane, and have to land safetly

    just to have that ability to play in a sandbox and control the variables to switch up the gameplay/usability of it

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    cool idea man! something to keep you at the edge of your captain's seat!
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    Firstly, yes you can crash. Basically you just stop on the ground. There's no explosion or anything, but then it's not an action game is it. For fun, I crashed into a lake, which had much better results. I changed to the external view and saw my plane spinning a few times in the water and then semi sinking, with its nose poking out the water.
    Regarding storms/turbulence etc, you can set a random flight or change the settings so you may actually fly in bad weather (although there are no lightning bolts), and you can actually have turbulence. I actually like setting the flight at night time with fog. It's great flying over the hills when they are nothing but black shapes appearing through the fog, and the runway is visible as a couple of rows of lights. Excellent.
    You mention it would be good if engines failed etc., but with conditions such as above, it can be edge-of-your-seat landing as it is at the moment without that.
  8. BattleBorn, I forgot to add-
    When you are flying around and want to return to the runway, the arrow in the middle of the compass points to it. It is handy being in the middle of the compass, as this particular runway should be approached at 60 and 240 degrees (which are marked as 06 and 24 on the compass), so lining your arrow up to one of those degrees on the compass should ensure you are approaching the runway at the proper angle.
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