X-Match - unique puzzle to challenge your brain!!

LiQing Pan
X-Match has been featured as "New and Worthy" and "What's Hot" in Australia, Malaysia and China!! ---site reviews--- …
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X-Match has been featured as "New and Worthy" and "What's Hot" in Australia, Malaysia and China!! ---site reviews--- "10 App Store Games To Watch!!" - iPhoneLife editor: Eric Pankoke "This game is a slow suicide!" - appsthunder.com "This app does not add to the existing parade of mobile puzzle games, rather has something unique to offer to the users" - apps4review.com "X-Match is a well-crafted game and is definitely worth playing. The only question is whether you’ll be able to stop." - game400.com "It has a new unique concept that gives it both an edge over other apps in the market and also helps carve out a niche space for itself. Even in the midst of so many puzzle apps in the market, this one stands out on account of its creativity and simplicity." - webapprater.com ---player reviews--- "It makes me think of the mystery and the beauty of the numbers. The rule is very simple but the strategy could be extremely complex if you are willing to dig in." - JackyZLuck from US "Smooth, simple and of course, addictive!!"- FilVedder from Portugal "Am addicted to this game. Really entertaining!! Love it" - syawani from Malaysia "比2048要好玩,很有挑战性!" - 訫蕾leta from China "This game really can make addicted. I played too much and got exhausting and got 129 finally." - Christian from Germany "Reeaaaaaally addictive, and I think it is brilliant." - LordOGT from reddit ======================================= X-Match is: -- A creative puzzle game you've never seen, as in your 1st attempt. -- An addictive challenge you can't stop facing to, as in your 10th attempt. -- A debatable topic on strategy with friends, as in your 100th attempt. Download X-Match Today for FREE!! ======================================= Web Version: http://geekmouse.github.io/xmatch/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/geek_mouse Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/X-Match/1540868702831006 Press: http://geekmouse.net/press/sheet.php?p=X-Match
Seller:LiQing Pan
Genre:Puzzle, Strategy
Release:Feb 06, 2015
Updated:Oct 21, 2015
Size:26.2 MB
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