Android X-BLADE: a free space shooter

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    Nov 15, 2020

    X-BLADE: a space shooter is alive on Google Play!

    It's a 2D space combat arcade game in flat design. A simple goal for maximum fun: you fly the X-Blade and have to cross enemy lines to destroy the opposing base. Just survive every mission (50 levels) and reach the base.

    X-Blade has retro vibes, with the minimalism of a 2D flat arcade design, with a lot of huge explosions and FX, just the way we like them!

    Just give it a go on Google Play!

    To describe the game, nothing beats the comments of the players themselves:
    • "Smooth and fun gameplay, simple graphics with bright colors, energizing music, continuous explosions… All this is emotion! A game that always keeps you focused so as not to fail."
    • "You shoot the stuff, it blows up and then you win! The game is polished, the graphics is crisp and I really like the ability to drop bombs! "
    • "If you born in 80s - this game is for you. same feelings as from old monochrome side scrollers, but in your pocket"
    I'm an indie french gamedev. Here's a link to my website:

    Hope you'll enjoy playing X-Blade!

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