Alfio Lo Castro
Get ready to cover the entire world with blocks. Ready your pickaxe, put good shoes and sharpen your sword because the a…
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Get ready to cover the entire world with blocks. Ready your pickaxe, put good shoes and sharpen your sword because the adventure starts with a global massive gold rush! WrldCraft is the first, huge, massively multiplayer, full scale augmented reality, geolocated, persistent, voxel based, cloud based, sandbox and exploration game with RPG elements taken form the glorious 8bit tradition. Sounds cool enough? You'll have all the power and fun of a open world scale MMORPG and the freedom of a sandbox game just in your hands. Craft full scale structures around the world, other people can visit them and help you building bigger castles if you want. Challenge your friends with the AR archery, fights monsters, explore and dig to discover the relics hidden around the world. All the things you build in the real world will remain forever in that place visible to everyone and under your control. Accept the quests the king will propose you for gold and XP, use the map to find gold and relics around you. Be fast, the gold is the same for everyone once someone else dig it it is gone! Did you know? Structures can be connected each other for miles seamlessly, so you start from a point, your friends starts from a point miles away and both meet in the middle. You could even rebuild the Great Wall in another place of the world if you and your mates have enough time! Here some examples of what you can do with WrldCraft: * Build persistent geolocated structures, for ever. * Cover the entire Earth with blocks and structures, connected each other. * Continue at home what you started outdoor, others will see in realtime the changes. * Quests * Fight monsters * Build outside public construction or make your private world on your table shared with friends. * Multiplayer or single player fun. * Dig in the terrain to find gold, manufacts or relics * Share your creations with friends * For the launch date... gold rush! Don't want to make all that gamer things? So, just build your pretty house or craft artistic installations, leave messages to your partner, visit other players creation and all the millions things you can do with Wrldcraft. Note: WrldCraft runs on this ARKit enabled devices: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices#ios TOS: http://www.wrldcraft.com/index.php/terms-of-service/ Privacy Policy: http://www.wrldcraft.com/index.php/privacy-policy/
Seller:Alfio Lo Castro
Genre:Action, Adventure, Role Playing, Simulation
Release:Jun 28, 2019
Updated:Sep 10, 2019
Size:207.9 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal