Wrap the Bug

★★★★★ Wrap the Bug is a all-new style and most addictive iphone game. ★★★★★
The iPhone game “Wrap the Bug” is a game…
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★★★★★ Wrap the Bug is a all-new style and most addictive iphone game. ★★★★★
The iPhone game “Wrap the Bug” is a game in which you wrap the bugs with a long soap bubbles and burst them.

Simply Swipe the bugs as if you are connecting them and wrap them. The bugs will get trapped in the bubbles and as more bugs in a bubble burst, more points will be given. As you play the game, you will start wanting to catch as many bugs as possible.

There are some bugs that crawls or other bugs that jumps; bugs have their own certain movements. There are even spiders that can go up and down from the ceiling. You can play well as you get used to the bugs’ movements.

You have to watch out for the tree leaves that will distract you from catching the bugs. These leaves will burst your long soap bubbles. In addition, when the bugs pass through your long soap bubble, all your hard work would burst.  You have to decide carefully how many bugs you should catch at every moment.

Furthermore, clouds also appear in this game. The clouds may not destroy your bubbles, but they do distract your sights. It gets even harder as the level goes higher, when the clouds can cover up bugs and the leaves.

You will be supported with 5 Classic Modes (Normal, Jump, Spider, Curve, Random) and 1 Jungle Mode. Each mode supports 12 Levels.

You start off the classic mode with 10 lives, but when your long soap bubble has been burst by the leaves or the bugs, you will lose 3 lives. If the bugs escape out of the screen, you will lose 1 life. The game is over when you lose all lives. You have to be careful.

In the Jungle Mode, there are no limited lives and the point is to raise as many points as possible in the given 2 minutes.

There are 6 special items that appear with the bugs and these items have their own unique and amazing powers.  One clears all the leaves out and another paralyzes the bugs and the leaves. In order to clear the level easily and earn a high score, you would have to use these items at the right time.

We are also planning to support you with various styles of special modes from 1.1 version.

“Wrap the Bug” is a simple game that can done with swiping, but it gives a lot of fun and addiction.

It is hard to find a game of this sort; even comparing those games that may seem similar, like Ninja Fruit, Wrap the Bug provides more various kinds of fun and great feelings with addictions.

Let’s go catch the Bugs!


✔ 6 Modes : Normal, Jump, Spider, Curve, Random, Jungle
✔ Each mode 12 levels
✔ 20 Styles of tiny bugs and 6 types of special items
✔ Support Game Center leader board
✔ Dynamic effects
Genre:Action, Family
Release:Sep 07, 2011
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal