Would it be possible to manufacture an iCade for iPhones?

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    Maybe something like this already exists (besides AirPlay, of course). I was thinking (bear with me, this is kinda stream of consciousness here)...

    You have a cabinet; for the screen you have some sort of semi-translucent fabric (or whatever, I suppose it could be glass with the right optical equipment included); the iPhone screen would be enlarged by one of two methods: a built-in pico projector with an extremely short focal length, or some sort of mirror system, like in a SLR camera or a periscope.

    Does this idea have any real-world applicability?
    Is something there already something like this available?

    I wish I didn't break my Sony Glasstrons (yeah, I'm one of the weirdos that had a pair of the originals). If I did, I could probably use a combination of a Bluetooth controller with my iPhone plugged into the Glasstrons via AV cables.
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