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    Worms Attack - MunStar is proud to present the first title “Worms Attack” a
    one-finger game frenzy, find your self battling a worm field. Be ready as malicious worms can pop up at any time and any direction. They will try to kill you by attacking with different artillery. Slice and dice your way through worm madness! Hit these slippery slimy bad guys into the next century! In order to survive you must slog this worm-hole of a world, by defending with your special re-enforced baseball glove! Keep up your attack by using special weaponry bonus pick-ups along the way to wipe out everything in your path! Earn time for every kill and earn big scores for combos. Upload your high scores to Facebook and game center (not compulsory) . We hope you enjoy the new “Worms Attack” as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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