Universal World to Conquer (by Easy 8 Software)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Louard, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Hi Nullzone,

    While updating graphics assets for a game this old is probably out of the question (cost aside, just getting the original artists on board would be almost impossible), I think you have a good point that the zooming is overkill on larger devices. It was necessary on the older iPhones/iPods to make the game playable on tiny screen, but on iPad might as well have the game zoomed out all the time. As you suggest, on larger devices there's no form factor requiring zooming in, and would be an easy thing to add in an update. If interested to try this (should kill the 'dizziness' factor you mentioned experiencing) let me know and I can shoot you a test flight update for quick test.

    Button on bottom right lets you abort mission in progress. You can then restart from part 2/3 or part 3/3 if (for example) you aborted during part 3/3.

    Units dish out random damage, so an undo move feature could be abused to cheat. Some of the strategy resolves around piling on damage and that bit of luck factor when you can max out damage to just barely take out an enemy unit. It would be almost like having an undo in blackjack after you hit and bust.

    Not sure what you mean about lack a next/prev unit button. You want a way to tab through units without having to tap to select? The order in which units are selected/moved is important tactically. I guess this is where a "guard" and "delay" option would be needed. Wouldn't be a hard thing to incorporate, but would clutter screen with additional buttons.

    "End Turn" pops out automatically if every unit has already been moved (and you have nothing left to do). It can be used to end with some units not having moved and the extra tap in that scenario is to prevent that from happening by accident.

    Take it easy, and if you don't mind I'd like to hit you up by PM if/when we start working on a proper sequel.


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    Hi Stroffolino,

    thanks for the fast reply!

    re Updating Assets (or whatever):
    As I wrote earlier, especially for a game this old I do not expect that, so no worries.
    And thanks for outlining the reason behind the zoom-in, I totally didn't pay attention to how it might look/work on smaller screens.

    re "Abort mission" button etc:
    Thanks for clarifying. Then I suggest you mention that clearly somewhere, e.g. during the tutorial (or on the popup for confirming that you want to quit). With the current wording, it is not obvious at all what is going to happen when I say "yes". Polish the explanation you just wrote a bit, and you should be good: e.g. "When you confirm, you will abort the current battle, without any losses. You can then restart it from the mission selection screen and try again."
    But, here's the thing: I am lazy ;) If I can get the same with less clicks, I'll take that option, thanks ;) Look at Hex Commander (thread here: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=315692 , it's free) for example: They have an "undo/restart last turn" button, presented together with the "start next turn" button. Then, in their battle menu, they have options to restart the current turn and to restart the whole mission. Very handy.

    re "Undo Move":
    Ah, sorry I didn't write it clear enough earlier: Same example as above, Hex Commander also has an "Undo Move" option (with subpar UI, admittedly). It does what it says on the tin: The current unit's movement is reset, and *only* that. It does *not* allow to reset attacks and try them again (which I'd consider as "cheating" too, for lack of a better word).

    re "Next/Prev Unit":
    These would just cycle you through your units, so you don't have to select them manually. From experience, this can be faster on larger maps than manually scrolling around the map to find a unit.

    Re "End Turn" button:
    The issue for me isn't that the confirmation button is there. The thing is that its position is further to the right than the "end turn" checkmark button in the bottomleft corner that you need to tap first to get the confirmation button. Would be better on the big screen if the two are at the same position. If accidental confirmations worry you, can I suggest to switch to and/or consider the following for further games: In Planar Conquest you need to tap and hold for about 3 seconds on the "end turn" button to end the turn. During the hold, a circle around the button fills up in a different color, giving you a visual indicator how much longer it will take and how far along you are already. Very intuitive, clear and simplistic (which is good), in my opinion.

    Re Testflight:
    Sure, let me know when you have a build ready and I'll send you my Testflight email.

    Re Sequel:
    Of course I'm interested, beep me whenever you want ;)
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    Jul 12, 2013
    Oh, almost forgot about the screen clutter from additional buttons:
    Yes, of course agree that this clutters the screen more.
    However, simple solution: Make a fold-out menu like Planar Conquest has for the army commands on the map: One button, you hit it, and a menu drops down (or up, in your case) with more buttons for the different commands (like Auto-Scout, Split Army).
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    I used PWALTHNXLT6A. Thank you. I had not heard of this game so looking forward to trying it out.
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    Jul 12, 2013
    Feedback on the new build

    Hi Stroffolino,

    thanks for sending me the Testflight build.
    The new version plays a lot better for me on the big Pro, without the map-zooming the whole thing is much more "visually quiet" and I didn't get the dizziness feeling anymore.
    Well done! ;)

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