World of Dungeons - a new RPG by HeroCraft. First teaser inside.

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    World of Dungeons is a role-playing game that features turn-based squad battles in a dark, mature fantasy setting.


    The core-gameplay includes three single-player modes. In the first mode, players will send their heroes into dungeons in search of treasure and adventure. In the second mode, they will fight fierce bosses and get rare weapons and artifacts for defeating the enemy. The third mode, the Arena, is the place to test heroes in battle against tough enemy teams.


    World of Dungeons has various hero classes: along with the familiar Warrior and Paladin, players will encounter new ones, such as Colossus and Soldier. Hero class determines the stat allocation when the hero levels up. There are hundreds of class-specific items that comprise different heroes' sets. Completing a set gives heroes a big advantage in battle. Besides, there are hundreds of non-set items and weapons that all heroes can use.


    Heroes of all classes can learn any of the hundreds of skills. Players can master slayer skills when playing a mage, or create even more complex combinations. The difference between classes is that they start off in their own section of the global web of skills.


    The game is scheduled to be released towards the summer of 2015, at the same time for iOS and Android.

    First teaser video:

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    Wow, it sure looks dark! It could be a great game to watch for!

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