World of Commanders

The real WWII military strategy game, [World of Commanders] is GRAND OPENING!!!

■ Meet the heroes of the WW2, t…
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The real WWII military strategy game, [World of Commanders] is GRAND OPENING!!!

■ Meet the heroes of the WW2, the fiercest war in human history, right now!
■ M4 Sherman, Tiger, Panther, Mustang and Spitfire! 500 types of WW2 units are coming back!
■ Normandy Landings, Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Bulge! Campaign mode that follows the history!

Brand new game from the military game specialty company NTOS!
Perfect reflection from the history and fierce strategy tactics, World of Commanders!

■ Real units of the war reenacted by the historical research
- High quality unit graphic built by thorough historical research
- 500 units from 60 other nations during the WW2

■ Campaigns and Various battle modes that follows the real battles of WW2
- From the German invasion of Poland to the defeat of Japanese imperialism! Campaign that contains all of weighty battles of the war.
- Secure the new strategic resources day by day in the Challenge Mode!
- Expand your territory by competing to other users in the PVP Operation Area!

■ Unit Role System that is beyond the grade and level
- War is a Rock-Scissor-Paper that risks your life! Find the best advantage against your enemy!
- Heavy Tanks, Light Tanks, Riflemen, Snipers, Fighters, Bombers, Heavy Artilleries and Anti-Air Guns! More than 20 types of different strengths and weaknesses compete against each other.
- Build your own Tactical Order to deal with your enemies

■ Exquisite tactics and strategies
- Achieve triumph by putting the right unit in the right place according to the Unit Role System!
- Activate a Nation Bonus by placing the units from the same nation!

■ Develop your base to build a powerful Corps
- Various Facilities such as HQ, Barracks, Supply Depot, Intelligence Agency, Research Lab and more
- Special abilities that grows upon the level up of your Facilities

■ Alliance System, we are not afraid when we are together.
- Join the Alliance and develop your Alliance together!
- Defeat your enemies with your Alliance! Alliance Total War.
- Military Maniacs of the world, unite! Global Alliance War.

■ Various reward system
- Free items minimum of twice and maximum of 4 time every day!
- Supply from the Supply Depot every hour
- Plenty of rewards that will be provided to PvP rankers

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Release:Feb 28, 2017
Updated:Jun 08, 2017
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