WordPlus - Word Search Battle

Vineet Ranjan
Are you a fan of crossword and word search games that test your vocabulary skills and provide hours of fun and entertain…
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Are you a fan of crossword and word search games that test your vocabulary skills and provide hours of fun and entertainment? WordPlus is a word search game to test your word power and analytical thinking power. It can be played both as a multiplayer online word game or an offline word game Challenge your vocabulary skills with WordPlus - a fun and addictive word search puzzle game for all ages! for FREE You have to plan your moves wisely to defeat your opponent. How to play the WordPlus word game? 1. The game starts with a letter in the middle of the board. 2. Turn-by-turn players must add a new letter to the board and make a word using the same. 3. Players can make words from vertical, horizontal, or diagonal letters. For each letter in a word the player gets '1 point'. (longer the word, the more points) - Words can also be played backward or can include a partial part of another word. 4. In the end when the board is full, the player with the maximum points wins the word game. Playing Mode The word game offers 3 different grid sizes to play with - 7x7 Grid - Around 10 minutes of gameplay - 8x8 Grid - Around 20 minutes of gameplay - 9x9 Grid - Around 30 minutes of gameplay As an opponent, you can challenge either your friend or you can play with our worthy AI SMARTBOT 1. Online Mode (Multiplayer Word Game) - Create a room and play online with your friend in 2 players mode. 2. Offline Mode (Offline Word Game) - Play with the SMARTBOT on 3 different levels of difficulty. Try to beat the high difficult-level bot. I bet you can't! Features of WordPlus - Word Game Free word games This game is 100% free to play Competitive Addictive Word Game This word search game gets really competitive, You have to make a longer word than your opponent and at the same time block your opponent from creating a longer word Profile Badges Unlock Achievements and collect Badges, each badge increases your profile level. Compare your badges with your friends and try to unlock them all. Make Friends Send friend requests to the player and challenge them to a game of words. Compete to rank on the leaderboard Leaderboard A ranking board that resets every 7 days. Try to show your word power and compete with other players WordPlus is not just a single-player game, it's also a multiplayer game! You can challenge your friends and family to see who has the best vocabulary skills. With the game's social features, you can track your friends' profiles. WordPlus is (also) an offline game, so you can play anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. The interface is simple and intuitive, with colorful graphics that enhance the game's overall appeal. Whether you're a casual player or a word game enthusiast, WordPlus offers a great opportunity to improve your vocabulary and spelling skills while having fun. If you're looking for a fun and addictive word game that will challenge your vocabulary skills and provide endless entertainment, look no further than WordPlus. Download now and start your word adventure! This word game is like a breath of fresh air to word game lovers out there.
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Release:Sep 01, 2022
Updated:Jun 25, 2023
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