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    ON SALE! NOW 99¢, WAS $1.99

    "Wordie is an addicting word puzzle game that will provide you with hours of fun while giving your vocabulary a serious workout. Unlike Text Twist and other word puzzle games, Wordie sports 45 unique levels; each levels containing 5 rounds! That's a total of 255 unique games across thousands of words. Are you ready to take the challenge? Create as many words or get as many points as you can before the time runs out.

    You can create words in any order you want. There are no adjacency restrictions. However, you can only create a word once per round and your created word must be at least 3 letters long. Some letter blocks may contain fruits (apples, cherries, bananas, grapes) which will give you bonus points if used.

    - 45 levels, each level spanning 5 rounds for 255 total unique games
    - Save your progress and resume later
    - Auto-save on incoming calls
    - Each level with increasing number of letter blocks
    - A record of your words during game play
    - High score
    - Life system
    - Bonus points

    New features coming soon in the next version!
    - Achievements
    - Unlimited play on unlocked levels
    - Challenge against your friends! See who gets the most points or create the most words"

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