Word Warrior – A Role Playing Word Game - Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by FaroEnt, Oct 7, 2010.

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    We [the developers at Faro Entertainment] are in the final testing stages of our newly developed game for the iPhone and iPod touch called Word Warrior. Word Warrior is a role playing word game where ‘The Unlikely Hero’ fights various enemies by forming words.

    See the trailer on our website or on YouTube. It's a fun game that will keep you playing for hours forming words in order to battle enemies and complete levels.

    This game is targeted for release on October 31.

    The Faro Entertainment Team
  2. ojtitus

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    You put this thread in the wrong spot if the game isn't out yet. You put it in the Iphone Game Releases but you should have put it in the Upcoming Iphone Games area.
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    Regardless of where it was posted, looks to be a fun concept! Keep us updated!
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    Looks good and I like your slot apps.
    I noticed you missed an "o" in your siggy web link.
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    I'll definitely be picking this up. I'm still waiting for Bookworm Adventures but this looks good.
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    Thanks for the heads up on the various posting areas for "Released Games" and "Upcoming iPhone Games". We will go ahead and post it in the right place. Fixed the web address in original post; it is actually www.faroent.com.

    We appreciate the feedback that Word Warrior “looks” fun. During our final test stage we are learning how much fun it is to play Word Warrior. It has been exciting developing the game, but it truly is more fun to play the final version. Each round has a set of foes you must conquer to move on to the next, and each enemy has their own set of hit points. During game play there is a timer in the center of the screen. When the timer is finished counting down the enemy will attack dealing damage to the player. The player must deplete the enemies hit points before the enemy depletes the players.

    Larger words do more damage, but you can only use each word once per round. Because of this, there's a significant amount of strategy in the words you play in each fight. Special letter tiles, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Poison, can also be used to do additional damage or slow an enemy down. Each round may have a special set of rules, like only spelling 3 letter words, which keeps you interested and excited to see what might be coming up in future battles.
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