Word Farrago (by Gambit) [Universal w/ iP5] - FREE w/ Pro

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    Aug 22, 2012
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    Hey to all word game lovers!

    My new game Word Farrago has been submitted and will soon be available for the iPhone 5 (and below), and iPad. Hopefully it will be out next Thursday (October 4). The game would be FREE with 2 modes available for play. The pro version unlocks the other 2 modes and also gives you additional level up bonuses.

    Gameplay: The goal is to jumble all the letter tiles in the board so that all of them form horizontal words. Controls feel normal normal, you drag letter tiles to other tiles to swap them. There are 4 game modes: classic, pyramid, freeze and endless.

    My personal favorite is endless mode where there is a countdown timer which resets when you form one word. Formed words would be replaced with new letters, then you'll have to form a word again. It's quite fun for casual word gamers and word-a-holics :)

    Here're some screenshots which will be placed in the app store:




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