Universal Word-a-pult 2. From the creator of Impossible Flyer

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    Hi All. My next game, Word-a-pult 2 will be coming out this Thursday, 20th Nov.

    It's a game where you use your spelling skill to launch your catapult attack on your enemy's tower (hence Word-a-pult) or to repair your own.

    You can use the word you created to mix and match repair and attack or go all in with an attack. It's your call. The first tower to hit 0 health looses. You got one minute to decide on your best word.

    For those who noticed that the vid and images looks like it's coming from the original Word-a-pult, that's because it is. Based on the feedbacks i receive from the original Word-a-pult, this is the result. There were no visual changes but the kinda significant and numerous changes under the hood that needed to be done had unfortunately made Word-a-pult 2 incompatible for network play with Word-a-pult. Here are the features for Word-a-pult 2;

    - Game Center matches has a time out. If the other person does not reply within 24 hrs, the turn will be returned back to you
    - There were complaints the default GC turn based interface was not intuitive, so I build my own that's hopefully more intuitive
    - 2 more multiplayer options. You can now not just play with GC players, but there is also same device play as well via bluetooth or Wifi
    - There's also a single player/practice mode where you play against the phone

    I've also remove the ability to buy coins via IAP. You can earn coins by winning in GC, single player and bluetooth/Wifi matches. The game will be purely Ad Supported and there is an option for a one time IAP to remove the ads.




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