Wooden Labyrinth 3D

Elias Pietilä
Celebrating FIVE years on the App Store with more levels, Game Center support and a cool iOS7 mode! Apple Design Awards…
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Celebrating FIVE years on the App Store with more levels, Game Center support and a cool iOS7 mode! Apple Design Awards 2009 winner in student category! ------------------------------- "Pick of the week" - apple.com Featured in the O'Reilly's book: "Best iPhone Apps: A Guide for Discriminating Downloaders" "Pick of the Week" Rating: A - iLounge.com "A very well polished version of labyrinth" - touchArcade.com "Instantly after jumping the first time I wondered why the original Labyrinth game on the iPhone didn’t have this. Brilliantly simple." Rating: 5 out of 5 - Appletell.com -------------------------------- Wooden Labyrinth 3D is the premium "marble in a maze" experience on the iOS. The goal of the game is simple - guide the metal ball to the end by tilting your device. However, WL3D mixes it up with some challenging obstacles - holes and walls - you must maneuver around or even jump over. Now with unlockable marble types, you can take on the levels with a stylish golden marble, or even a gliding ice cube! The addition of Game Center achievements and leaderboards allows your to test your skill globally! Wooden Labyrinth 3D is a polished package that combines high quality presentation with spot-on playability and abundant content. You get 190 custom crafted levels with challenge times on top of the near infinite auto-generated levels with customizable difficulty. If you still crave for more, you can make your own levels with the online level editor - or download some of the hundreds of levels created by the community. Suffice to say that with the high degree of customization - to cater to everyone from the beginner to the pro - and the sheer volume of levels and challenges, your addiction to the game may last for quite a while. Join the over five million people who have already experienced Wooden Labyrinth 3D. Follow me on Twitter for information on updates and new projects! @eVp Level editor: http://qvik.fi/leveleditor Some of the best user created level packs so far include IDs: 101, 109, 120, 122, 144, 145, 156, 188, 184, 216 and 245 (that's already over one hundred new levels!) Features: - Realistic 3D graphics with a tilt based perspective change (option) - Support for online level editor! (http://qvik.fi/leveleditor) - Game Center achievements and leaderboards - iOS7 mode for flat enthusiasts - Jump enabled physics (Box2D.org) - Unlockable marble types. (even a square one!) - Endless mode - infinite amount of auto-generated levels - 190 custom mazes with records and challenge times - Friction and sensitivity options to modify the experience
Seller:Elias Pietilä
Genre:Family, Kids
Release:Feb 10, 2009
Updated:Jan 16, 2014
Size:34.0 MB
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