iPad Wooden Labyrinth 3D Lite out now!

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    Wooden Labyrinth 3D Lite

    "Pick of the Week" Rating: A
    - iLounge.com

    "A very well polished version of labyrinth"
    - touchArcade.com

    *reviews are for full version

    This is the lite version of the Wooden Labyrinth 3D. The full version features 100 levels where as lite only has a single level pack.

    The classic game of wooden labyrinth has reached new dimensions on the iPhone. Introducing Wooden Labyrinth 3D - a fresh entry in the category - that sets a new standard in terms of graphics, gameplay and realism.

    Perhaps the most striking feature of the Wooden Labyrinth 3D is the use of three dimensional graphics. This, combined with the lighting effects and a camera that changes perspective based on the angle you hold the device in, creates an authentic illusion of a real-life labyrinth game within your phone!

    The game has some of the most robust 2D physics found on the platform. And Wooden Labyrinth 3D takes it a notch higher - to the third dimension. You can now make your ball jump by shaking your device vertically. Thus you can leap over or on top of certain walls, and enjoy smooth 3D movement. You can also tap the back or the front of your device to jump!

    Wooden Labyrinth 3D Lite features 10 beautifully crafted levels. Track your record times and try to beat the par and developer records for each level! Can you beat all the levels with a golden star?

    Wooden Labyrinth also comes with a wealth of custom recorded sound effects and an original soundtrack: soothing acoustic music to set you in a comfortable playing mood. You can also opt to enjoy your iPod's music while playing.

    On top of other neat innovations Wooden Labyrinth 3D offers handy adaptability to your playing style. The game allows you to set the friction and sensitivity levels to suit your skill level and mood. On top of that, you can calibrate the game to the optimal playing position simply by pressing the screen with two fingers. No need to interrupt your gaming, and crawl through menus!


    - Realistic 3D graphics with a tilt based perspective change
    - Jump enabled physics (Box2D.org)
    - 10 mazes with records and challenge times (100 in full)
    - Original soundtrack
    - Friction and sensitivity options to modify the experience
    - Fast calibration with two finger touches


  2. Master Shake

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    Dec 24, 2008
    Cool, downloading now.
  3. coconutbowling

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    Glad you guys made a demo for future buyers. I really enjoy the full one. (minus the bugs, update on the way though)
  4. Silver Orange

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    Dec 28, 2008
    Nice! I've been wanting to try this game and compare it to Labyrinth.
  5. Yea I'll consider buying this once the tap anywhere to jump is enabled like in Bounce On. Tried lite version but can't deal with the shake thing. If price doesn't go up before then.
  6. eVp

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    Dec 4, 2008
    Nice find, as the developer I thought I'd be the first to know when it came out, but I wasn't. No mail from Apple like usually. And it was even approved during weekend? Well, works for me!

    Hope you guys try it out and like it! And even if you already have the full version, you can always download the lite and remove it just to support us. :) :eek:
  7. Donburns99

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    Downloaded the lite to give it a little boost. :)
  8. CandyNJ66

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    Feb 18, 2009
    Thank you!
  9. Hobbes

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    Feb 8, 2009
    I just got it... Pretty fun!! A good download... Great graphics
  10. Got it, gonna do a review for it today. I'd normally just ignore labyrinth games as there have been far too many to bother with, but this one definitely looks and plays very well. The sound of the rolling bearing is spot on, the 3D simulated tilt is a nice effect, and the physics are pretty much dead on. It's not as pretty nor does it have as many gimmicks as, say, iBall 3D, but it's the little things, the attention to detail, that makes this one stand out.

    Also, the jumping is fun and is implemented surprisingly well. Good job all around.
  11. eVp

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    Dec 4, 2008
    Thanks for the comments. Indeed, the idea was to really concentrate on the little things. I'm truly pleased to see people appreciate that!
  12. You're welcome. I can't speak for everyone, but I for one particularly appreciate seeing a developer go the extra few miles to add in those little notions you may not realize you miss in other games until you see them. There aren't a lot of developers who truly realize the cumulative effect that adding those little details has on a game. It's not just polish, it polish on the chrome bumpers of a '68 'cuda.

    You know you've succeeded in that regard when you've managed to get people interested in what would otherwise be just another in the vast pantheon of iPhone labyrinth games that predate even the App Store.
  13. eVp

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    Dec 4, 2008
    Just decided to pop in here and thank everyone for the success of Wooden Labyrinth 3D Lite. It finally broke the top 100 barrier in the USA and has been rocketing up the charts since. Also it's the #1 free app in Russia and top five in Italy as well.

    Too bad there seems to be very little conversion. I have to admit the incentive to go for the full version after the quite extensive lite might be too small. 3000 lites in Italy yesterday vs 14 full versions speak for itself. I think the level editor is really needed to differentiate the products! (hint: i'll direct more effort towards it and get it out ASAP)

    Anyway, thanks for your continued support! At this point the money is secondary - I'm loving the 35k lite customers so far! (that number could almost double tomorrow....!!)

    PS I see Labyrinth has had a price reduction. Flattering!

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