Wonder Wings-Shooting Game

Don't let cute pilots deceive you!
This is the world's toughest shoot'em-all in 2015! - Wonder Wings!

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Don't let cute pilots deceive you!
This is the world's toughest shoot'em-all in 2015! - Wonder Wings!

Join Ellie, Rene, Ruby and Scarlett in their epic battle against the Mad Fowls.
Withstand relentless waves of bad birds, flying eggs, bombs, meteors, flames and monstrous bosses.

30-seconds of training is all you ever need to get started! Simply tap and move your fingertip swiftly over the screen and avoid or destroy everything that approaches. Watch the challenge deepens over time as with only one chance per play, meet the true test of your reflexes! Improve your chances of survival with variety of boosters, options, upgrades and enhancements on warplanes, snatch random goodies that occasionally appear during flights.

Stay alive, get high score and immerse yourself in Wonder Wings. Compete against your friends, family and colleagues to see who got the keenest reflexes. Hours of enjoyment is guaranteed!

- Fast-paced 2D arcade shoot’em-all with full 360-degree control.
- Control up to 4 distinctive warplanes with unique ability and effects.
- Attach up to 2 unique optional weapons – More than 10 available.
- 30 levels of power-ups on every warplanes to boost attack power and range.
- 50 levels of global ability upgrades.
- Variety of Boosters and in-game goodies that gives special ability or bonus score!
- Unique Boss fights and bonus stages with gold-coin chances!
- Daily missions with great rewards!
- Over 40 monsters, obstacles and bosses.
- Option to tweak SENSITIVITY.

- Avoid putting finger directly above the warplane, which makes it difficult to see the movement.
- Sensitivity of movement can be changed from Settings.
- Take out birds closer to earn higher points, it’s risky but the bonus is surely sweet.
- The Spinning-Purple bird spits out gold coins when hit. The bird is not dangerous and disappears soon.

- Network connection is required to play Wonder Wings.
- Supports iPhone 4S, 5 and 6 series, iPad 2 and later generation, iPad mini – Bigger the screen, more the excitement!
- PARENTS: You may turn off in-App purchasing in the iOS settings.
- Direct links to the Internet which may open the default web browser on your device.
Genre:Arcade, Strategy
Release:Jan 11, 2015
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal