Universal WipFire - by Nathan Malville - a game about the developement of the game

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    Hi guys!

    I release on Monday 20th October «WipFire» my next ... oh no wait it's not yet a game.
    Rather a wip game, or a blog about game development, or what you want...
    At the moment it's just the first prototype of my next game, a shoot em up. There are yet no graphics, no sound, no rules ... just a first draft of what could looks like the game.


    I will release every 1 or 2 weeks a new version, each time with the advanced development. So each players will discover the game development from start to finish. And each developers can learn from this experience.

    Give your opinion by email (directly from the app), on this forum or very soon on the blog. Send me your comments, your ideas, your criticisms, I still do not know exactly what the game will look like in the end (you never know at the beginning of development), it will certainly evolve because of the opinions and ideas of everyone.

    It will be universal, and free.


    About this version:
    Before the game, there is no game.
    This first prototype please me about the energy and the fun it brings, that's why I decided to continue it. But do not expect with this release to win or lose, for now it's just about to empty the charger on characters who approach you (yes they are just cubes).


    About the next version:
    I will add the system to change weapons and try more kinds of fun, guns, bullets and frequency. The goal will certainly be to collect coins to unlock and upgrade weapons.

    That’s it!
    Let me know what you think.

    Nathan Malville

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