Win Gifts worth $150! Participate in Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest.

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    The idea is simple.

    Each day at 9AM EST we will announce, via Twitter and Facebook, a new term for you to go out and photograph. Your goal is to find something that fits that word, shoot it with Camera Plus Pro and share it with us using hashtags we’ll announce that day. By doing this you'll be entered into a drawing to win some fun prizes!

    How to take part! Click on the link #CPPHunt

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    How long is the contest? Do we have to submit photo everyday?
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    The contest is already under way and will end on 6th July,2012.
    Each day we will be providing a theme for you via Twitter or Facebook, to capture and submit your photograph by using Camera Plus Pro app on your iPhone. Although submission of photos should be regular, you can still participate, since the contest has only just started. You can never know your photos could be the one selected.

    For complete details and contest rules, tap on the link provided #CPPHunt

    Happy clicking.....;)

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