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    Avast, ye scurvy bilge rats! Our app iArrPirate and iArrPirate Free recently launched and we'd like to give away some booty to ya!

    It's not a game, but we're hoping that you'll enjoy it all the same. iArrPirate and iArrPirate Free are the latest in our series of iLookApps - fun photo apps. This one is obviously pirate themed and we're running a $50 iTunes Gift Card contest from now through Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th).


    All you have to do is use either version of iArrPirate and tweet your photo with the #iArrPirate50 hash tag by Talk Like a Pirate Day. We'll pick the best and give you a $50 iTunes Gift Card. Full rules are on our official contest page -

    iArrPirate -
    iArrPirate Free -

    As an added bonus specifically for Touch Arcade we'll give 5 promo codes for the paid version to the best pirate themed and iArrPirate photos made to this thread by the end of the day September 1st.

    Finally here's a quick video that "Pirate Jack" took showing how he turned his dog Fido into a Pirate:
  2. dubane

    dubane Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone,

    Quick reminder - 5 promo codes for the paid version of iArrPirate are available to the best Pirate photos posted in this thread by the end of today (September 1st).

    As of right now you've got a pretty good shot :)

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