Arcade Basketball Real Cash Tournaments

Toneaphone, LLC
** Now shoot against an opponent for REAL CASH ** Arcade Basketball Real Cash Tournaments™ brings the excitement of the …
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** Now shoot against an opponent for REAL CASH ** Arcade Basketball Real Cash Tournaments™ brings the excitement of the live arcade game to mobile! This special edition of Arcade Basketball Real Cash Tournaments features the Skillz game platform. NOW WITH DAILY CASH TOURNAMENTS ENABLED, SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN CASH PRIZES EVERYDAY! 

It's basketball like you've never seen before — featuring beautifully rendered HD graphics and realistic physics, this game will be sure to knock your socks off!! Play against a friend or a random opponent in an all-out shootout, Arcade Basketball Real Cash Tournaments™ provides hours of entertainment!

 Challenge people from around the world with Skillz — a competition platform complete with leaderboards, weekly cash/tournaments, virtual currency prizes, trophies, and a fantastic loyalty program that rewards you just for playing! Skillz: eSports for Everyone! FEATURES:

 • Skillz Integration Play specialized rounds for cash prizes against other players around the world! • Fair Match-Ups Players are matched against each other according to skill level. Each opponent will play the same stage and have the exact rim rail randomization per match. • Realistic Physics 

Intuitive and realistic physics make every round an utterly immersive experience!

 • Incredible HD Graphics 

Ultra-realistic graphics that will blow you away, Arcade Basketball Blitz Online™ captures the essence of the classic game, and gives the feeling of being at an actual arcade. 

• 4 Breathtaking Stages  

- Gym: Reminiscent of the classic arcade game the Gym is minimalist yet very entertaining. 

- Playground: The essence of street ball juxtaposed with a playground aesthetic make the Playground special. 

- Beach: Drift away and have some fun in the sun at the Beach! The sand, palm trees and steel pan will take you on a mini vacation every time.

 Medieval: From the coffered ceilings to the ceramic mosaic floors and resonant organ, the Medieval stage truly embodies the Middle Ages. • 10 Detailed Basketball Varieties 

 - Original ball 
- All-Star Ball
 - Beach Ball 
- Old Ball
 - Neon Ball - Doomsday Ball
 - Tumbleweed 
- Plasma Ball
 - Globe Ball
 - Disco Ball 

• Original Soundtrack  
• Skillz Integration  • More updates coming soon!!! 

We are excited to bring you much more updates as fast as possible! Stay tuned!

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Updated:May 28, 2015
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