Willy's Great Adventure: ZX Spectrum

PRESS RELEASE – 28th June, 2013 – Wallasey, Merseyside and Lichfield, Staffs. England

Re.: Previously Unseen 'M…
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PRESS RELEASE – 28th June, 2013 – Wallasey, Merseyside and Lichfield, Staffs. England

Re.: Previously Unseen 'Miner Willy' Game Emerges After 28 Years

‘Willy’s Great Adventure’ for the ZX Spectrum is authorised by Matthew Smith, author of ‘Manic Miner’ and Jet Set Willy’.

‘Willy’s Great Adventure: ZX Spectrum’ will be available from the iTunes App Store, from the Google Play Store and for Amazon Kindle Fire / HD on Friday 28th June, 2013 and after for Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8.

‘Willy’s Great Adventure’ was developed by Terry Lloyd in 1985, as a homage to Matthew Smith’s ‘Miner Willy’ games. ‘Willy’s Great Adventure’ has not previously been released and is believed to be otherwise unknown, until offered to Elite (in an email at 9:50am on 12th July 2012) for publication.

“I can confirm it has never seen the light of day. Unless someone stole it off my computer and put it out there without me knowing {:~). I've been playing it through again myself to test it, and I have to say I think it's one of the most complete and totally customized mods out there (in terms of all new rooms, tiles and sprites). Although there are some other good ones I've played, a lot of them keep the original graphics and just have new rooms, while some change the graphics but the rooms and map are very similar to the original. Whereas, WGA changed about 98% of the original stuff (Willy even has a new hat, an Indy-style adventurer's Fedora).” - Terry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Matthew Smith and Elite have previously announced that they are to co-operate in the development and publication of a new game. ‘Willy’s Great Adventure’ is NOT that game. A further announcement about that game will be made at a later date.

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This announcement (including an exclusive video in which Matthew Smith speaks about ‘Willy’s Great Adventure’ for the ZX Spectrum): http://matthewsmith.elite-systems.co.uk/?p=158

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