iPad Wiishare Triggers Three Conjectures at 2012CJ

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    May 29, 2012
    Review: This year is the tenth anniversary of ChinaJoy. In the past ten years, ChinaJoy has seen the tortuous development of Chinese games. The annual ChinaJoy is an arena for the most advanced game technologies in China. However, as the bottleneck of game industry gets aggravated, game products become more and more similar. This drawback is most clear at very year’s ChinaJoy. Although “innovation” has been the theme of ChinaJoy for many years, cheap copies are so easy to get that most domestic games won't bother to innovate. But no matter how good “painted skin” the games take, the contents are still boring.
    Fugu is very delicious while also lethally poisonous. Innovation in China’s game industry also faces the same situation. To encourage innovation, the organizing committee of 2012ChinaJoy, collaborating with several platforms like Wiyun, specially established a free zone to display innovative products at the ChinaJoy BtoB Area. Games on show include IOS, Android, web, social and HTML5 games. Among hundreds of contestants, the 3D mobile games of Wiishare stood out from others and became part of the final 32 exhibitions. Why are the organizing committee of 2012ChinaJoy and those platforms so interested in the products of Wiishare? Wiishare, triggers three conjectures at 2012CJ!

    Conjecture I: Revolution of mobile game brought by Unreal Engine 3?
    Wiishare has brought three mobile games using Unreal Engine 3, which are Wanderer: War Song, The Pounce and The Dark Lord. Unreal Engine 3 is a top level engine technology. Only a few top game companies in the world are able to develop mobile games with Unreal Engine 3 and there are even fewer in China. The Gods – the first mobile game using Unreal Engine 3 in China -- was published on April 19, 2012. Since then, its exquisite pictures and well-running system have won great prize among the whole industry, but in terms of its quality as a whole, there is still great room to improve.
    Wiishare will publish three mobile games using Unreal Engine 3 at one time at 2012ChinaJoy! This breaking news has become the focus of the whole industry as long as it was released. The Pounce, the first FPS game using Unreal Engine 3 in China, has stirred up various guesses. With the powerful Unreal Engine 3, will The Pounce succeed the advantages of PC games? Will it bring players more real and more exciting shooting experience? Is the operation with touch-screen smooth? All of these questions will be answered one by one in the demos of Willshare at 2012ChinaJoy. As for the other two games, Wanderer: War Song and The Dark Lord have also stirred up many confusions like whether they can break the bottleneck of picture quality faced by The Gods, whether they are better than The Endless Sword, can the control of touch-screen further improved. These will also be solved during the demos.
    Mobile games are to enter an era of high-end products. The backward technologies will soon be discarded. An era of mobile games with Unreal Engine 3 has already begun.
    Image I: Wanderer: War Song, China’s first ARPG game with free angle supported by Unreal Engine 3
    Conjecture II: A new way of entertainment: dreams fly with 3D mobile games supported by Unreal Engine 3?
    With the powerful Unreal Engine 3, development of 3D mobile games will usher in a new age. This time, Wiishare will take its three mobile game masterpieces -- Wanderer: War Song, The Pounce and The Dark Lord -- to the 2012 ChinaJoy, bringing players a brand new sight of mobile games. Unreal Engine 3 helps display more real pictures, which take advantages of mobile devices to make the scenes more vivid in sound and vision. As for operations, the use of Unreal Engine 3 makes game operations more effective, pictures more smooth and operation skills more proficient. For example, Wanderer: War Song has involved twin sticks in its operation. In content, Unreal Engine 3 is of high integrity, which allows us to establish a comprehensive game structure including combat, quest, instance and pet systems. Each system is not separated, but is a part of the whole, mutually integrated and influenced. All of these are to guarantee the game’s all-round entertainment experience.
    Currently, the three games of Wiishare are planned to publish as console games and the first version will be IOS version. In following updates, the games will extend to other platforms, like Android, TVGAME and PSP, and will be able to play with other players online. Let’s just wait to see!
    Image II: The Dark Lord, a Diablo style ARPG game using Unreal Engine 3.
    Conjecture III: Producing mobile games with professional skills used in computer games, is it a waste?
    Domestic mobile games have never gained players’ reorganization. On one hand, it is a certain result of the backward technology, on the other hand, it owes to developers' lack of attention and responsibility. Public opinions believe that mobile games in any case are not able to escape the “leisure” mood. Therefore mobile games are usually called small games, leisure games, puzzle games and so on. However, as mobile devices develop even more quickly, if we still produce mobile games with the “leisure” mood, we will be further and further away from the booming trend of mobile games. Some people doubt the actions of Wiishare, thinking what we are doing are crazy. Wiishare has the best scenic designers, professional Unreal Engine 3 development technologists and a well-running marketing operation mechanism. It is very confused why Wiishare is so determined to make mobile games while it is well-qualified to develop computer games. In our opinion, excellent games should not be confined by platforms. Developing mobile games with the professional skills used in computer games shows our responsibility to players as well as our exploration in mobile game development. High-performance mobile platforms should be matched with high-quality games, or neither will be perfect. Developing mobile games with the professional skills used in computer games, added by our strict and diligent work, is not a waste, but the wisest use.
    Image III: The Pounce, a 3D FPS game supported by Unreal Engine 3
    As 2012ChinaJoy is around the corner, the three Unreal Engine 3 mobile game pieces of Wiishare is also about to take off their mysterious veils. With various outside conjectures, these three games will finally receive players’ test then. Wiishare will also be open and sincere to communicate with other cooperative organizations. 2012ChinaJoy is destined to open the door of high-end 3D mobile games, while the key of the door will be at W5-CX15: Beijing Wiishare Technology Co. Ltd (WSI.).

    Official website of Wiishare:http://www.wsitech.com
    Official website of Wanderer: War Song:http://w.wsitech.com
    Official website of The Pounce:http://p.wsitech.com
    Official website of The Dark Lord:http://d.wsitech.com

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