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    Beehive - Social Digest and Widget for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    It's the People You Really Care About, From Every Social Network, Available From Anywhere.

    Download Now - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/beehive-social-digest-widget/id838486229?mt=8

    ◉ Instantly Available - An Innovative Social Widget
    It's incredibly easy to get an instant snapshot of all the activity across all your Social Networks with the Beehive Widget. This means that you can keep track of everything from any app or even the Lockscreen, with just a swipe of a finger.

    ◉ Truly Social
    With Beehive, there is never a need to delete anyone, instead Beehive provides a simple way to select your "Best Friends, Family, Favourite Celebrities" and only see their updates. Beehive is yours, and it has true anonymity.

    ◉ Always Aware
    Beehive is always aware of the latest updates so you don't have to, it uses Passive Notifications, so you won't get buzzed and zapped whenever something happens within your Beehive, instead it inteligently tells you what's new, when you're ready.

    ◉ Why Scroll, When You Can Jump
    Beehive saves you time from having to scroll through endless, boring, Newsfeeds and Timelines. Beehive jumps you straight to the content, so you can interact quicker with those you care about.

    ◉ You Can Go 'Old School', If You Want
    Social Dashboard gives one tap switching between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram's Newsfeeds, Timelines and Home Feeds, providing access to all the additional features of every Social Network, all in one place.

    Beehive is a Social Revolution, and it's Only Just Begun.

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