Why would you want to escape from a prison ?

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    Jul 8, 2014
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    I am working on a prison escape game.
    And I want random inputs from people stating various silly, sarcastic, funny, ironic reason on why would a prisoner would want to escape from the prisoner.
    Example List
    • dying mother?
    • Tinder hook up
    • save the world from Google Inc.
    • too many rats on this floor
    • Zepto Labs (King of Thieves) copied my game
    • There is a new star wars movie and they don’t get netflix on his floor
    • Water, there is water everywhere.
    • Or lava, starts flowing..
    • Hunger Games
    • Emma Stone
    • Emma Watson
    • Emma anything basically
    • Terminator are so coool
    • “It wasn’t me”
    • Penguins are cute
    • Malaria
    • Black Death
    • White Death should be a thing,let's start a petition
    • Legalize It!
    • God talked to me
    • or was it was satan?

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