Why not successful game? (Spheres Game)

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by kustom, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Ok, after a few minutes with the lite, here are some thoughts:

    •App store description and in game text:
    Get someone who is fluent in both English and whatever your mother-tongue is to do your translation for you. I'm a typical mono-lingual Brit but if you're going to use English, use it well.

    •Menus, UI:
    Why is the text waving? That seems like a terrible idea IMHO. Keep it simple, especially in game.
    It seems that you can't quit to the menu from in-game. Why?

    I think the concept is good. There's many match 3s and many ball rollers on the store but I'm not sure there's many that combine both. I've only really looked at level one but the fundamental seems sound. Build on that.

    I think most of what I've mentioned above is down to a lack of polish. If I hadn't seen this post and had just skimmed your description in the store, I wouldn't even have got the lite.
    Buff your product to a bright sheen if you want a shot in the app store; it's busy out there!

    Good luck. :)
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    The problem with the app store is that a lot of good games are not found and its hard to get noticed if your not a big company i would recommend maybe putting a add on touch arcade as i always find myself clicking the adds and seeing what the game is like you could also try getting your game published by chillingo or another publisher as this attracts a lot of attention to your game.

    In my opinion you should try advertising your app and see how it goes you could also try doing a promo giveaway with the free copy of your app this seems to also attract attention, remember if you do this to ask people to leave a review on the app store and instead of writing a list for anyone to take from get people to pm you for one. This means that you're more likely to get those much needed reviews (many people don't buy a game if it has no reviews)
    good luck with your app :)

    Edit: Little tip your app description is very basic i would recommend bulking it up a little bit as well as saying a bit more about the game play your plans in future updates as well as saying a bit more about how you play it
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    None of the links work for me.
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    Thank you very much for your analysis :)

    I just tried to correct my English asking some more skilled people than me, but i suppose (as you told me) there are errors.

    The text waving i thought it should be a sympathic feature.... :eek:

    Be sure i keep your information for my next game, thanks a lot of! :D
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    Ok, here we go.

    1. Icon and Description as mentioned is not good enough. If you want people to buy from you then you need to have good presentation. (look at the top charts ATM, what do their icons look like?)

    2. I like the menu layouts, but as mentioned the wavy writing has to go. Also, make the menu options bigger and clearer.

    3. Graphics are good 3D, but they are not attractive at all. The dirty concrete walls and floors don't make me want to play.

    4. The controls are off, and are not accurate at all. They seem delayed and unresponsive. This makes the game more of a 'tilt right to the corner hoping that 3 of the same colours touch each other' rather than a puzzle.

    5. The concept is good, but needs a bit more spice. Stick with the idea though.

    6. How do I get out of the game to the menus!?

    I hope this helps.
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    My budget was very limited, i just buyed an space at www.appmodo.com and the results was zero :(

    Maybe the banner design is ugly...
  9. kustom

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    Thank you, as told MetaGonzo i think i should change description.
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    I'm the less well positioned to suggest what to do to sell more because I'll be influenced by reasons I buy a game except that I'm often not synchronized with the games that sell very well.

    Anyway from the observation I could have done or from articles I could have read:
    • The first major point is that your presentation should be at the top:
      • Top cute graphics because it's the first thing players will see from your game. And your game is very far from that. I think that's been enough to kill it. The style of graphics can differ:
        • Here some example that seems work well, highly detailed and realistic, very cute and adorable, original and elegant cartoon style.
        • Here some example that seem work less well, electronic style like Geometry Wars Touch, pixelated look like Hook Champ, square volumes like Fastar. Those last styles are interesting to grab the attention of media but much less to grab those of players but a range of hardcore players.
        • Doodle is another style approach that seems work well but it's been so over used now that for a new game series I'm not sure it's a wise choice. All example still working that I know seem coming from series started quite long ago.
      • Top looking icon because it's the first thing players will see in a game list. Your icon isn't that bad but better would be better.
      • Enthusiastic text description, only an enthusiastic description could rise the curiosity of the player. And your description is well a bit cold.
      • If media are blasé and won't care of your enthusiastic description, but if you highlight well an original point of your game this will increase your chance to catch their attention. Find an original idea for your game and highlight it very well. It seems your game used overused Match-3 but merged with ball and maze approach which seems quite original and you didn't highlight it well at all.
      • Have a list of features impressive enough, if necessary adapt the gameplay to have a bigger list of features. This will help to attract the attention of players but also media to increase the chance your game get their attention.
      • Have a video with effects and dynamism. If your game is relatively slow, make successive cuts to highlight the most dynamic moments. Your video is too quiet and effects should be bigger and more diversified.
    • Don't be wrong your game need be very polished and good to sell really well. I haven't tried it yet to make any feedback about that. Before release it, be sure it is polished enough, tested enough. It's certainly much more efficient to start with a game at top, than to start with a game that crash, with unpleasant details, with unpleasant controls or interface, with too few levels, and correct all problems later. Here a suggested list of features to check more carefully before release:
      • Interface design.
      • Controls design.
      • Number of levels and avoid clone levels.
      • Tested enough, with enough diversified testers, and testers dedicated enough.
    • But clearly this won't be enough. To really sell well the game you should contact the media. That's where most indie developers won't know when and how present the game to the media, nor the circuit nor the right persons. Then it's pure luck without any commercial approach.
    • A last quote, never try an approach through forums if you aren't sure of two points:
      • Your communication talents.
      • And your game sells at very low price.

    EDIT: I forget one point, if your game has a very good gameplay and allow make a demo, make it for the release of your game to release them both at same time. The point is that if the game gets hot, many players will want try it now, if you release the demo 2 weeks later, there's a chance they have even forget your game or lost curiosity about it and won't even bother try the demo.
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    Your chances of making money are very slim because the competition is unbelievable. Even if your app is one of the best, it still could flop. Every day something new comes out and something old goes on sale. For instance, right now for .99 - Splinter Cell, Crash Bandicoot, Demon Hunter, PacMan, and many others. For free - Gun Bros, Bugs and Spiders, etc. Can your game compete with any of these in terms of polished presentation, smooth controls, interesting, challenging, fun game play? Even if it could, it might not get noticed, and after a few days of not selling a lot, people won't be attracted to it, and great new games will be introduced and great old games with tons of content will go on sale.

    Just spend some time in the main forum watching what people are buying and playing and look at all the games that are being passed over. It doesn't matter how much you promote your game or how much you spend on advertising, if it doesn't capture the imagination of players, you won't make any money, and even if it does, you probably won't make any money. Sorry for the gloomy outlook, but that's how I see it.

    The latest very hot puzzle game is Linkoidz. Take a good look at it. Look at the Linkoidz thread. This will help you see what it takes to be successful with a puzzle game.
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    Thank you very much.... i appreciate a lot of these comments. I start to work now to solve it, at least all i can fix.
  13. kustom

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    It is sad, but true.... i only want just getting the attention of some users... I never though i could sell so few sales of my game :(
  14. kustom

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    I thank you for this deep analysis, I learned many things I want to put into practice.
    is a pleasure to see people like you who spend your time in helping unselfishly.

    thank you very much :)
  15. I can do the app description for free if you like.
    I have done some of Ninja Chicken's and most of Geometry Wars HD's.

    PM me if you would like me to.
  16. kustom

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    Hi Mates!

    Right now you can download the new update of game and demo with almost all changes you told me :D

    Im happy, but i m not optimist.... so i start my new game TODAY :)

    Thanks to ALL!

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