Where Did My Top Free Apps List Go?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by Crunchbird, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Crunchbird

    Crunchbird Member

    Sep 19, 2011
    Is this happening only to me, or is it everybody? When I click on the App Store in iTunes on my iMac, using the iPad version, I'm seeing a Top Paid Apps list and then a Top Grossing Apps list right below it, but no Top Free Apps list. On the iPhone side, the Top Free Apps list is still showing up in the usual location.

    Am I experiencing some sort of personal glitch I need to troubleshoot, or is this an under-publicized element of the new suite of "improvements" to the App Store?
  2. KookiWooki

    KookiWooki Well-Known Member

    Sep 7, 2012
    It's still there for me on my iTunes store. :)

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