iPad When can we be rid of the festive versions?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by wastedyuthe, Jan 7, 2009.

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    I have two games that haven't been updated since before Christmas, and they are of course festive versions. I am talking about Touch Sports Tennis and Blast. I know there are probably more out there that still have festive versions too (does anyone want to list any they have?)
    I am just wondering if the devs for the two I have (I know you are out there!) could please let us know when we will be going back to normal and getting rid of the snow (as much as I like watching Anna running around and falling over in her skimpy Xmas outfit).
    It's like still having the Xmas tree up at home. Xmas is over.
  2. OahuSurf

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Wow that sucks, I'm glad none of my apps are like this.
  3. Oliver

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    I still have my christmas tree at home ;)
  4. dlogik

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    Aug 24, 2008
    All will be well and good when the Easter Bunny arrives.
  5. Now I don't want to be the one to break it to you Oliver, buddy- but Santa ain't coming anymore! He's fast asleep! If you haven't had your presents under the tree by now, then that means you've been a naughty boy :p
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    I'm having sort-of the opposite feeling. My most-played game is PuzzleManiak. It's a great collection of puzzle games, but I never liked the graphical style, with the flaming letters and the whole "demonic" theme. I mean, we're talking puzzles here, not Doom. In December, a Christmas version came out and I tremendously prefer it. It's a matter of personal taste, I guess, but I like the serene, snow-capped look rather than the fire:

    [​IMG] vs. [​IMG]

    So that's one app I'm hoping won't revert to normal soon. Unfortunately, the developer is very active so I'm sure it will change back before too long.

    The only other game I have with a holiday theme is Fuzzle, but they made the sensible choice of making it an option you can choose in the settings.
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    Oct 18, 2008
    I DON'T WANT TOUCHSPORTS TENNIS TO CHANGE BACK! I mean, do you really want Ana to revert from that skimpy outfit she's wearing now? :p
  8. So where are the dev's? Didn't anyone tell them they aren't allowed holidays?
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    At least Koi Pond has a toggle switch so you can decide if you want the festive theme on or off.
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    re: TouchSport Tennis (via PM)

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    Default Re: TST
    Were working on a bunch of underlying technology for our next round of titles and upgrades to existing games.

    In the mean time... hope to have an update out to at change back the holiday theme with some tweaks and adjustments.

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    We just need a menu guys to select stadiums and it will be updated.

  13. Thanks Salsamd. Thanks HHG. Nice to know new stadiums are in the update. Can you give any more ifo? Different surfaces?
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    Good stuff,

    BLAST! - Holiday was a special release. We Created it as a test platform for all of our games and we've learned a ton! We're currently using every last bit of feedback and knowledge to create the BEST new version of BLAST! possible while also developing fresh new ideas.

    A bit of info about us: (Daylater)
    John Moses and myself are both currently employed with a Development Studio. Our iphone work is completely un-related to our careers. It's a labor of love, and we aren't even allowed to discuss it during work hours. Unfortunately this means we're isolated to after work and weekends to make any changes to the game. ...I'd love nothing more than to spend 8+ hours a day making MY games for iphone, but in this economy you can't argue with a Salary. Oh and I love my job.

    That being said, We're ALWAYS thinking about our games (Not just BLAST! :p)
    And we're definitely working on Content updates. It's just taking us a little longer than expected.

    We've got an update in submission now that adds Music/FX sliders, The fabled ingame help toggle, and lots of minor tweaks. This is our LAST (planned) update for BLAST! - Holiday.
    From this point forward we are only focusing on NEW content for our upcoming full release of BLAST! (2.0)

    If you've already purchased and enjoy BLAST!, you will be extremely happy with the updates we've got planned. It's still too early for us to reveal anything, but i'll be sure to post it here when we do.

    Thanks for the support!

    P.S. if you've got any ideas that you want to see in BLAST! - 2.0, send em my way. We take user feedback VERY seriously, but if you don't tell us what you want we can't add it!
  15. Thanks for the response Daylater. You say you will concentrate on an upcoming 'full' release of Blast- does this mean the version I have will stay a festive version and I will need to purchase a seperate 'full' version for a non-festive one?
  16. Daylater

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    Dec 11, 2008
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    Nope, thats what i meant by early adopters will be "extremely" happy with the update.
    BLAST! 2.0 is going to be a completely new game. Same concept, but with everything much much improved. This of course means more development time/costs. When it's all said and done, your version of BLAST! - Holiday will be upgraded for free, but you will still be able to play the legacy levels.
    Win Win.
  17. Thanks for clearing that up. Looking forward to the updates!

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