What's been the highlight and disappointment of your iOS life?

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    Dec 21, 2008
    As the title clearly states, has there been any game released/announcement that has actually fulfilled an inner dream, desire, and has really shocked you. This doesn't mean what is your favourite game, or "I played Jet Car Stunts and it was amazing" (full credit to JCS as it is amazing) but an OMFG I WOULD NEVER BELIEVE THIS WOULD HAPPEN moment, if you get my drift.

    I'll kick off:

    Highlight: Tony Hawk pro Skater 2 on iPhone. This was a childhood favourite of mine, and declared by many as the best game of all time (it's my 3rd) and certainly of this decade (again, my 3rd), but never would I think that instead of making something new and more appealing to today's audience Activision would port the game, to the iPod and have it identical to the PS1 version (only better with THPS1 levels) and with great controls. This was one of the happiest times of my whole gaming life...

    But, it was delayed to coming to the UK. I held out in the hope of it coming out, and when it did I instantly buyed, and whether it was £30 I would have done the game.

    Disappointment: Strangely this disappointment has only happened in the last 2 weeks. I have recently bought Fallout 3 and it has instantly got me addicted and is my personal best game of all time, and when I found out an iPhone version was in the works I was very excited, but after radio silence and it probably being scrapped, I am very disappointed as the whole universe to it would be appealing in any type of game (Xenome just couldn't cut it IMO). If Fallout New Vegas Tactics comes out as reported by PocketGamer I will be a happy bunny but then again that's Pocketgamer and when they report a rumour it actually decreases the chance of it happening. :(
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    Can you give me the link to where you found out about this fallout for iphone?

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