What's all "this" then?

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    Aside from the Monty Python quote for the thread title, there is no humor to be had here unfortunately.

    This has been eating away at my sanity, and has sadly seemed the most prolific at TouchArcade forums over any other that I frequent.

    THEN is not the same word as THAN.

    Even freaking DEVELOPERS screw this up, in both in-game text and AppStore blurbs.

    Does ANYONE else get irritated by this? Maybe I'm just anal, but even the best of you, it seems, fall victim to this mistake.

    Rolando isn't greater then MotoChaser, neither does Steve Jobs have more money then you.
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    Oct 22, 2008
    Well if you'd like to gather all non-native English speakers (like me) for a grammar lesson, go right ahead. Personally I'd like to learn what I do wrong so that I can improve on it. :)

    But in general I myself applaud most of the non-native English speakers for trying to make themselves clear in a language that is not their own.
    I do get annoyed by people who DO have English as their native language and chose to speak in chatspeak just because it allows them to press less buttons on their keyboard.

    However, since we can't filter out who do and don't have English as their native language, the site admins decided to have this rule:


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