What would happen if Steam, GOG stores, etc...were on iOS?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by Admiral Bison, Jun 23, 2021.

  1. Admiral Bison

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    Apr 26, 2016
    If gamers and devs had more options to buy from or sell their games on other app stores on iOS

    Would it incentive a large number of game devs to try different monetary models on other stores?
    Would it give more selling avenues for devs other than Apple's one and only App store on iOS?
    would that encourage the development of more AAA games on iOS?

    From my pc/console gamers perspective, IF a GOG or Steam store existed on iOS where I can buy and install directly from it, I would definitely *buy more games for my iPad as it would have more of the type of games I personally want.

    * I don't do F2P or subscriptions.
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    The biggest problem with services like Steam and GoG are that the games always work. This would be rectified if they joined the iOS App Store.
  3. squarezero

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    Tell that to the folks who bought Cyberpunk 2077 ;). The list of games that launched in a broken state in both Steam and GoG is long.
  4. Talbs

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    May 1, 2011
    The latest developments of xcloud gamepass, stadia and GeForce now are sort of bringing this dream true. It can be laggy but some games play quite ok. I feel like that’s going to be “the in” for large devs with serious games on to the mobile platform. Like it or not.
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    I’ll be honest most of my iPad gaming is through Stadia at the moment since it works perfect for me (no noticeable delay or stutter) although Xcloud is definitely improving input delay (still a bit noticeable for me but MUCH better than when I first tried it) and I’ve always been fortunate to also have a mostly stutter free experience with Xcloud. The only service I can’t use at this time is GeForce Now but that will probably change in the future.

    Also I completely agree that it’s going to be the way forward for AAA gaming on mobile devices. Stadia is improving to the point that it can run on a potato internet which makes it accessible to almost everyone. Xcloud has seemingly been improving monthly for me and gamepass is a great value for AAA gaming. GeForce Now is amazing for its ability to run a good amount of PC games you already own and top tier visual options. All of that is great news for those that embrace cloud gaming but those that can’t or won’t use a cloud service it will probably be viewed as “another nail in the coffin” for mobile gaming since there’s a possibility that many developers / publishers, like you eluded to, may choose a cloud gaming service for a huge game (with mobile friendly support built in) instead of a native AppStore port.

    Also services like Stadia and Xcloud are beginning to add full on touch controls to their games which is going to further close the gap between AAA gaming and mobile gaming.
  6. Mr. Charley

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    Sep 6, 2008
    Well said. That’s me these days. I was huge into mobile games since getting married, having kids and just sitting down in front of a tv to play a console just isn’t realistic for me anymore.
    I was buying mobile games whenever I wanted, subscribed to Apple Arcade and then discovered Stadia.

    My mind was instantly blown. Being able to play console games on my iPad was just incredible. No need for storage, and honestly the console games on Stadia looked and ran better than basically every game on my “aging” iPad.

    Then xcloud comes along. Again, the options of playing aaa games on my tablet has been so liberating. I’m sorry but there is no mobile game or AA game that can compete with playing aaa games.

    Apple chose to prevent the xbox app on ios and I admit that xcloud never worked perfectly on my iPad (while Stadia always has worked perfectly). I was due for a tablet upgrade and I decided for my first time in my life to purchase an Android tablet. Xcloud now works absolutely perfectly. Nothing changed with my wifi/router/internet other than my device but the fact that I can now use xcloud and Stadia perfectly on my Android tablet has made mobile gaming and the app store redundant for me.

    Now, do I wish I could purchase games on Stadia/xcloud with my itunes credits? Absofreakinglutely!! ;)

    But either way, all this to say cloud gaming is here, and it’s here to stay
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