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    Through my indie company I released a game a bit more than two months ago, on iOS, with no promotion at all, to probe waters.
    It's a limited release that covers 11 countries, but the game is functional.
    It is NOT released in the United States yet.
    A release on Google Play is planed too.
    More work is scheduled for producing a proper trailer.
    After reading this thread, it appears my game would fit the soft launch profile, to some extent. Case is not perfect though.
    The issue is that with 11 countries, the thread title is going to look horribly long, with [ND,DI,LZ,CA,UK,etc.] + game name + (by Company Name), and the company name isn't short either.
    With this in mind, what type of promotion on Touch Arcade would be most suited?
    Should I create a thread in the "upcoming" forum and wait until I can schedule a truly global release? Or directly post in the one dedicated to final releases and should I strictly respect the format there?
    Many thanks!
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    We would often use [soft launch] in the heading especially when, as you say, a game releases across multiple territories. Just make sure that the post itself lets people know which countries it’s released in.

    As for whether to post it in upcoming vs released? Well, that’s up to you. You could:
    a) post a thread in ‘upcoming’, then a new thread in ‘released’ on release
    b) post a thread in ‘released’ and update it when the game launches in all territories
    c) post a soft launch thread in ‘released’, then delete/lock it and create a new thread for the full release.

    Whichever you decide, for b/c, you’ll need to contact the moderators to move a thread or get the title change, which you can do with the “report a post” button.
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    Aug 6, 2021
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    These are nice options, so with this clarification in mind, I can now say that (c) would seem to be the most appropriate choice.
    By the time the international version is ready, I'll start a new thread or request a change to the first post and its title.

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