iPhone What the Shell: a deep, yet quick simultaneous board game (w/ trailer)

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    We wanted to make a board game that you could play with a friend in just five minutes. We also wanted to create something fresh and innovative that would take advantage of the iPad and not just convert an exist board game to an app. Also, one of the lamest parts of board games is waiting for your turn, so we got rid of that too. After we made it, we realized nothing else on the App Store even comes close to What the Shell.


    In What the Shell, both players play at the same time, placing their turtles in the pond. You need to put five turtles in a row to win, which sounds easy, except your opponent is trying to do the same. Whenever you play on the same space, a neutral egg appears. When you make a capture (similar to Othello or Reversi) elsewhere on the board, the egg will hatch into one of your turtles.

    We've loved our epic What the Shell battles and can't wait for everyone else to join in too. Get it for your iPad on Jan 27!


    Learn more about What the Shell.
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    Funny video. Not usual to see the dating couples in game promotions :p

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