What mobile games are you playing now and what is your most favorite mobile game?

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  1. Ela

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    May 2, 2015
    Hi, guys, I am here doing a research on what kind of mobile game the players like to play. I will be very appreciate if you guys help me with my survey by answering those 3 simple questions list below. Thank you:)

    1. What mobile games are you playing now?
    2. What is your most favorite mobile games?
    3. What do you think about the Chinese/Japanese/Korean mobile games?

    The number of games is not limited, you can attach as many as you want.:)
  2. Kenan2000

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    Nov 25, 2013
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    1) Different games,to be honest,like Mc5,beta testing this new awesome open world first person shooter called Kepler 22,sometimes Graal online era (my most favorite MMO on ios), sometimes dead trigger 2,just upgrading my crossbow and getting cash.

    2) All Gtas,most of Crescent moon games such as Aralon and ravensword,Terraria,Galaxy on Fire 2,all games by Foursaken media,KOTOR,This War of Mine,plenty of 2k's games (Bioshock and Sid meier's pirates are my favorites) , Radiation island,Drylands,kinda Dead Trigger 2,the Silver bullet,Mission Europa (I'm really hype for Mission Europa 2 which is gonna be even better,much better than ME 1,an awesome fps with a lot of rpg elements) , MHFU , but the best of the best in my list is always gonna be The Quest by Redshift + all expansions for it by Zarista games such as Hero of Lukomorye,Mithril horde,Escape/attack from asteroids,celtic rift,etc,this rpg is truly the best and there is no such rpg in the AppStore that is better than The Quest,believe me,the closest to Skyrim experience on ios,long live The Quest,long live Redshift,long live Zarista!

    3) It's not like I'm against Asian developers,I love Capcom and Square Enix,I really do but most of the Asian developers tend to release BS copycat action rpgs/puzzle rpgs with bazillion currencies and idiotic energy system that only lets you play the game for 20 minutes.

    I'm sure they can do better than that...1 thing I'm sure of is that I'm against Asian free2play action and puzzle rpgs because they are ALL THE SAME every time with brutal monetization system and Gacha or however it was called (the lottery).

    I mean yeah,I know that there is a lack of good action rpgs on ios (not really,now that Titan Quest + Torchlight mobile are coming...) , it's just why would we need more than what we have right now?We have like hundreds of "different" free action and puzzle rpgs made by these Asian developers and i believe that nobody wants more of these games to be released anytime soon.

    Make something original,people!Look at the Silver Bullet by Kwangsam Kim,this dude was working on free2play games in the past and he made this premium Devil may Cryish masterpiece.

    But unfortunately,as I've heard from somewhere,Japan and Korea are more attached to these crappy copycat free2play games made with no effort of whatsoever than the rest of the world for a certain reason.

    Such developers are only trying to milk their customers and copy other "more popular" action rpg/puzzle rpg titles,making games with no effort of whatsoever just like these American companies that are trying to copy Clash of Clans or something else.
  3. Ela

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    May 2, 2015
    Thanks for your replay. It is very helpful. :)
  4. Ela

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    May 2, 2015
    need more answers, come on, my friends, plz help me
  5. vectorarchitekt

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    Dec 29, 2013
    Playing now:
    Sage Solitaire
    Horizon Chase
    Hue Ball

    Most favorite on iPhone:
    Ridiculous Fishing
    Power Grounds
    Dungeon Raid
    Dungelot 2
    The Firm
    Chip Chain

    iPad =
    Wayward Souls
    Crazy Taxi
    Sonic CD

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