What kind of travel app you want us to develop?

Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by vinapen, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. We are planning to develop other apps for travelers (we developed iStone Travel Translation App).
    So what kind of apps do you think will really help you with travel? We just need your advice:p
  2. visionwebs

    visionwebs Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2012
    What about something like an app that uses google maps behind the scenes, and tells you the location of the nearest pizza place!!

    I would use that :p
  3. SiXX

    SiXX Well-Known Member

    Sep 15, 2011
    Game Developer
    How about an app like Foursquare for travellers?
    I ever want to know local suggestions on food and shop when I traveled. But it's hard to find one in my language.
  4. Eoghann

    Eoghann Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2012
    IT Guy/Graphic Designer/Gamer
    New York
    I would LOVE an offline translator.

    I've tried Google Translate, Jibbigo and other apps and they all require internet connections. Definitely not useful when traveling abroad with your phone and you cant connect to the internet.

    Jibbigo is a fantastic app that offers an offline translator but you have to buy the language packs separately.

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