What is a good ipod games or iphone out right now?

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  1. MrSparkle

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    Sep 15, 2010
    Hey guys,

    I just want to know which ipod games is good right now? I have purchase angry bird, knight onrush, idracula and flight control. Can you guys recommend any good games to play. Mostly I am looking for like puzzle/action game.
  2. SSteven

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    Sep 2, 2010

    Death Knight
    Osmos (ON SALE)
    Parachute Ninja
    Spider: The Secret of Bryce (ON SALE)
    Castle Frenzy
    Fruit Ninja

    Zenonia 1 and 2
    Need for Speed Undercover (ON SALE)
    FIFA 11
    James Cameron Avatar (ON SALE)
    Pocket Tanks (FREE)

    Any more you need?
  3. Qordobo

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    Jun 11, 2010
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    Action puzzle?
    • Try the amazing Ynth, a gem, and after you'll most probably chain with Beyond Ynth.
    • Call of Atlantis is a Match 3 game but very special with power up management and blocking mechanisms giving to its gameplay much more depth. The action element is coming from the time limit for each level.
    • The Treasures of Montezuma: Another match 3 game using the time to add an action element. It has less special features ans is closer to a standard Match 3 game than Call of Atlantis. But its still much more than a base Match 3 game and its time pressure and difficulty is better tuned. If random has an influence the whole design is well done making you think fast to reach the goal and not to just chain match 3.

    For games that are more puzzles with less or no real action elements:
    • You could try the excellent Despicable Me: Minion Mania, it's not pure abstract puzzles, and the game design is great.
    • Trundle is a sort of physic puzzle platformer, great mood and excellent levels design.
    • Crystal Cave: True puzzle game, a must if you want break your mind, the good point is if you are stuck on a level you can skip it.
    • Tesserae: Great puzzle game with random generation of the board and multiple boards generating different gameplay.
    • Marple: Sort of variation of Mastermind with a bit more depth.

    But with the idea of mixing puzzles and action, puzzle platformers could be your type of game and there's an excellent choice, for example:
    • Parachute Ninja: Great one even if less for iPad because of controls more adapted to iphone. A great mix of bouncing, parachuting and platform game.
    • Bounce On 2: Great action puzzle platformer.
    • Soosiz: Very original approach of platforms.
    • Chop Chop Ninja: Original touch controls, frenetic action, fun.
    • Frogatto: Despite the average controls but great design.
    • Flushed: Ha well excellent and charming mood but could be a bit too difficult.

    But if you are looking for action games then it's paradise, here a selection I suggest you:
    • Spirit, now a classic, you "must" try it.
    • Somersault: Excellent original platorm game that seems have been designed for touch controls.
    • Block Breaker Deluxe 2: An amazing Brick Breaker game, in my opinion the best, but you could also try Ricochet Infinity that is perhaps more sexy and if you like tilt controls it has an original control feature mixing touch control of the pad and tilt to influence ball trajectory.
    • R Type: Old classic, good port, great game, in my opinion the best in its category, shmup. For schmup very good pick are also AirAttack and ESPGaluda 2.
    • Spider The Secret of Bryce Manor: Great game, hard to describe, sort of very special platform game.
    • Dark Nebula 2 and Aerox: Two games where you control a ball with Tilt controls to move it from one place to another through many obstacles. On this base two very different games, Dark Nebula 2 is much more nervous and use a more common top down approach, Aerox is more cool and about controlling but it has an amazing original gameplay using true 3D gameplay.
    • Freaking Inkies: Well not sure for an iphone version but for HD iPad version it is great. The diversity of level design is hard to believe and boost a lot the fun.
    • Jet Car Stunts: A false driving game and a true very special platformer. Could be a bit too difficult but that is currently an important part of its design. Real fun to drive the car through incredible loops, manage well burst and making jumps that are almost fly.
    • Knights of the Phantom Castle: My last but not least suggestion for this rather underated game. The point is it uses new controls not easy to master and there's many tricks to find that you'll need discover in this game as you won't have play before many other games with a similar gameplay. It's also a very difficult game I haven't beat it yet. But it's a great pick, once you have learn master better the controls. The only game I know to make a parallel is Syndicate, a game where you control 4 characters in an action game. But Knights of the Phantom Castle is also very different, more depth in gameplay but less developed story and mood and maps with less freedom. It's also a classical Fantasy theme making it very different than Syndicate with a more uncommon and original theme.

    As an iPad owner I suffer not have include some in those suggestion lists. :D Still with the idea of action and/or puzzles, those are iPad only:
    • Knight Defense HD
    • Galcon Fusion
    • Enchanted Forest
    • My Kingdom for the Princess
  4. MrSparkle

    MrSparkle Member

    Sep 15, 2010
    Hey Qordobo,

    Thanks for the list of games that you have provided =).
  5. MrSparkle

    MrSparkle Member

    Sep 15, 2010
  6. ninjackid

    ninjackid Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2010
    Hey and welcome to TA! Here are some of my all time favorites:

    Tilt to Live
    Meow Meow Happy Fight (On sale)
    Guerrilla Bob
    Jet Car Stunts
    Monster Dash
    Veggie Samurai
    Gravbot (FREE)
    Zombies Ate My BabY
    Worldy Wings
    Sir Lovalot
    Super Mega Worm
    Axe in Face

    Hope that helps!

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