What Ifs. iOS Edition. ;)

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    Just random things that cross my mind about what isnt and arent. Share if you have anything in mind too :)

    What if Angry Birds, Flappy Bird and Temple Run didnt exist at all?

    What if VVVVVV was in first person?

    What if Marvel Future Fight didnt have a stamina system?

    What if Android runs iOS apps and games?

    What if Monument Valley was a real amusement park we could visit?
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    I'll answer them in order.
    1. The AppStore would be a wonderful place.
    2. It would be more difficult
    considering you can't see your whole body or surroundings.

    3. The game could be long played and possibly give an entitled u better experience.

    4. Then I'd have an android device
    5. DEATH. Hurhurhurhur
    5.2- Just kidding

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