What are your opinions on people who use ad-blockers?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by sinagog, Dec 13, 2015.

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    There are a lot of kindly, ungreedy devs who've been forced to put out lovingly-designed, fully-formed games for free but with ads lately, as adverts are their best bet at getting anything back. But then there are sneaky folks like me who play them with ad-blockers installed and effectively get a premium experience for nothing. I'm not necessarily TRYING to get one over on a dev of a great game, but it seems that the option to voluntarily watch an ad to gain extra gold, lives or characters rarely works for anyone with an ad-blocker (though not always for some reason- sometimes on some games the ad will come up). Otherwise I'd definitely click it a bunch of times (not that I ever watch the adverts themselves. Coffee or snack break opportunity). The thing is I absolutely hate the idea of not being in control of what commercial white noise I'm subjected to. My ipad would be unusable without an ad-blocker, and I'm not going to sacrifice control of what I watch for anyone. I'm not sure how many players do use ad-blockers, but if they are a problem I guess a dev's best bet at convincing them to turn them off, if only temporarily, are those watch an ad for free currency enticements. Anyway, just wondering where everyone else stood on the matter.
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    I think that the problem is that alot of people are expecting stuff for free. People complain about there beeing too much ads in a game they downloaded for free which I think is kind of greedy. :p
    If I download a game for free, I expect it to have ads in it, and that does not bother me unless I get bombarded with them.
    I can understand that people want to use ad blockers, but I really haven't felt the need to.
    I all comes down to the fact that people does not think about anyone else then themselves :)

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