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5 stars game !!!! Amazing !!! "I'm seriously addicted to this game ! Great design & story ! There are so many stages, m…
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5 stars game !!!! Amazing !!! "I'm seriously addicted to this game ! Great design & story ! There are so many stages, monsters and spheres that it's keeping me busy for 10days already ! Highly recommended." by Nissa79 Great game, try it! "This is a very well done, polished and addictive game with high production values. What are you waiting for? Get it!" by Rob_in_Sing Outstandin gameplay! "One of the good game that I had downloaded! If this game is chargable, I will still download it to play!:D Looking forward to see Whakan 2!:D Good wok and keep it up!" by Ey1600 * Story In the Vegetal Sanctuary of Whakan, you have been selected by your God-Elemental Ancestor to become a Keeper of the Spheres. The world of Whakan is threatened by a dark plague and your Tribe is in danger! Gear up yourself, discover magical Spheres and start a new journey to your ultimate goal. * Never-seen before gameplay Whakan offers the perfect mix of Battle Card and Turn-Based animated Fights, skilfully sprinkled with a touch of RPG. Send your hero into battle against evil monsters in epic fights which will put your strategy and your reflexes to the test. Collect and manage your magical Spheres to create the ultimate fighting deck and defeat the giant bosses! * Features: - 200 unique magical Spheres to collect among 5 elements to cast animated spells in battle! - An epic plot spanning 5 regions: Vegetal, Air, Mineral, Ice and a mysterious hidden continent! - Incredible graphics and animations! - Regular updates * Updates in future: - French language version - New regions to explore, new monsters to fight and new Spheres to discover - Multiplayer fighting - Tribe epic wars Do you have what it takes to be the most powerful Sphere Fighter of all time? * Disclosures In-App Purchases. Whakan is free to download and play, but contains optional in-app purchases that cost real money. To make these purchases, you'll need to enter your Apple ID and password. ****Tips from other players**** For those who want to beat the Ice monster in moon peaks, you need to finish the icelands first before (ice map). I'll suggest level 30 and more if you want a chance to get him ! *******IMPORTANT******* The game is only compatible with devices running on ios 4.3 minimum. The game was not designed for iPod touch 1st / 2nd generation and iPhone / iPad 1st generation, so due to low memory on these devices, regular crashes can occur. Only Whakan version 1.1 works on iOS 6.
Seller:Forever Young Studio
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Jun 30, 2012
Updated:Feb 19, 2013
Size:184.6 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating: (4)
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Compatibility:HD Universal