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    Hello! Welcome!

    So Apple Arcade has finally arrived, and BOY are there a lot of games! SO MANY in fact that we thought it would be nice to have a central hub of sorts where you could find information and discussions about all of them.

    This forum is separate from the normal iOS games forum, as Apple Arcade is its own thing and it didn't make sense to intermingle games that are only available via this service with games that are available on the App Store the normal way. Should a game leave Apple Arcade and become available the normal way someday, we can simply move the thread over to the regular forum.

    Also this forum will encompass both released and upcoming Apple Arcade games. Each thread will have a colored prefix denoting if it's available now (Out Now prefix in green) or not yet available (Coming Soon prefix in red). If you notice a game is available in Apple Arcade and hasn't been changed to "Out Now" then either private message me or post about it in the General Apple Arcade Discussion thread and I'll take care of it.

    And if you think of any ideas or anything else you'd like to see in this Apple Arcade forum, please let me know!
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